Houston Weekend

This Houston weekend is filled with enough social activities and fun things to do that you'll have a glide in your stride, a deep in your hip and smile as wide as the Rio Grand on your face all week.
It's definitely the time to hit the parks. At Hermann Park and in Downtown Houston at Discovery Green, you'll find exciting outdoor activities . The list of what's happening in and around Midtown Houston Saturday and Sunday will make it rewarding for you to get out of that house robe and into some shorts and a T-shirt, for those of us who avoided becoming roadwarriors this holiday weekend.

Hermann Park

Its 15th year promises to be one of the best ever, Dancin’ in the Street…Motown & More Revues at Miller Outdoor Theatre!

The Motown & More Revue performances feature the hip soul music from the 1950’s through today. BACE Poduction's actors recreate the legendary soul artists, Ray Charles, Sam Cooke, the Temptations, Gladys Knight and the Pips, and lots others.

This weekends shows ads a evening of fashion to the mix, with members of the local NFL Players Association sporting Mens Wearhouse formal wear and the ladies strutting the sexy stuff from Catherine’s women’s clothiers.
This Houston weekend will be remembered for the Dancin’ in the Street's fashions, funk and fun!

When:Saturday-Monday 8: pm
Where: Miller Outdoor Theater

Downtown Houston

There is no place like downtown Houston on weekends. The newest place for cool things to do on a Houston weekend is Discovery Green.
Bicycle art

Saturday mornings you can get your bike fit for the summer, with free bicycle repair instructions from bike expert Nicholas Auger.

When: Saturdays 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.
Where: Discovery Green

Once it cools off downtown they turn on the big screen for free movies. Saturday night NASA brings an interactive exhibit to "Screen On The Green," Disney’s remarkable movie Wall-E. It's a cool way to open the door to a conversation with your kids about the moon landing as we get ready to commemorate the 40th anniversary of man's historical walk on the lunar surface.
Downtown Houston is always a great place to spend a laid back evening with the family and friends on a Houston weekend.

When: Saturday 8:00 PM
Where: Discovery Green

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