Things To Do This Weekend in Houston

Workers on building

Every Texans has the ability to make life better for our future Texans. What will our legacy be? Find out what you can do to protect the quality of the air, water and the land of Texas.

The Spring Conference on environmental injustice happens at the University of Houston Honors College 212 MD Anderson Library. The workshops target turning environmental injustice into environmental justice an issue that's crucial for Texas. issues.

Freestyle Dance and Multimedia Experience

Journey with a group of fellow improvisers, through terrain familiar & strange, ancient & infant, infinite & ephemeral. Let fanciful soundscape provided for body trekking through inner landscapes, communal connections, & beyond.

Nia Moves Studio 2, 3221 Houston Avenue, Houston Heights, TX 77009 host this weekend event that will awaken your rhythm .

Free Bike Repair Workshop

Bicycle art

If your bike needs a tune-up for the summer, come to Discovery Green Saturdays 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. for free bicycle repair lessons by Nicholas Auger.

You may have seen some of Nicks other handiwork hanging from the Montrose bridge after Ike. A uniquely crafted bike from the limbs and branches he skillfully molded into a work of art.

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