Historical Markers In Houston

African American historical marker in Houston

Visiting historical markers in Houston is something that can be entertaining, enlightening and enriching to do. There are many Texas Historical Markers and places on the National Register of Historic Places that dot this city’s landscape, living testaments of days gone by. There is a growing number of people that you’ll encounter from time to time seeking out the past to connect it with their future.

These historical signs are in front of houses, churches and businesses all over the area. It’s more to it than just reading the plaques. There is the potential to discover something unique and wonderful each time you stop by one of these memorable places to visit in Houston. It's just waiting to be uncovered.

Sometimes there are a few local folks that are still around that will share a few tidbits and fact about the people and places that were before and are no more, and the legacy they have left behind.

You probably pass a historical marker in Houston everyday. In Midtown Houston there are several including one marking the Houston light guard Armory. Most passersby never seem to notice the ominous building with a stellar role in Houston past. As the future home of the Buffalo Soldier Museum it’s about to get a new lease on life.

Then there is the place where the Texas army crossed Buffalo bayou on it’s way to meet Santa Anna, Teas Nursery, Jordan Grove Baptist Church and the list could go on for days. It's one of the free things to do in Houston this weekend, that can be done on the cheap, in and around your neighborhood. We have been fortunate enough to obtain a list of historical sites in Houston for our readers to download for free.

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