Things To Do In Houston: March 2010

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March is when the level of fun things to do in Houston gets kicked up a notch. The weather becomes a lot more tolerable (it's never predictable) and plenty of outdoor activities in Houston are scheduled. It's a great time to enjoy and experience the Houston Rodeo, public art or just take wandering cruises through stately old Houston neighborhoods.

These are some of the surefire things that you can do with your family or group that will provide ya'll lots of fun in the sun and Springtime activities in Houston.

Rodeo In Houston

If you're planning to a trip to the Rodeo in Houston you want to make sure that you get your tickets before your tickets in advance. You can purchase tickets for the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo and several location around the city and the Reliant Stadium box office before the shows.

The Rodeo last about a month and it's one of the main events on the Pro Rodeo circuit and has some of the largest prizes for the cowboys. The rodeo also host the premier livestock judging event in the state. Youth in and around the Houston area bring farm animals they have raised to compete for prizes, with grand-champion winners getting college scholarships.

Two other areas where the Houston Rodeo excels is the carnival or fair that setup outside the Reliant Arena, and the Houston Rodeo Concert. These two drawing cards are the easy favorites of most visitors to the rodeo in Houston. The concerts feature some of the top Country and Western stars. The rodeo celebrates other local cultures by inviting popular R &B artist to perform shows on Black Cowboy Heritage Day and Mexican music takes center stage during Go Tejano Day Events.

Public Art

Art is everywhere you go in Houston. The museums and galleries in Houston have taken Houston art out of the box and are always pushing the envelope to expand the amount of public art in Houston. You can find works by David Adickes, Houston born artist Mel Chin, and Jean Dubuffet.

You can experience art in a variety of non-traditional settings that bring a new ambiance to old familiar places. Public art surrounds the hospitals in the Texas Medial Center. It salutes you as you past it along the walking trails, parks and train platforms.

The city of Houston has an extensive collection of art in municipal buildings that you can spend days just trying to peruse the art in downtown Houston. There's more art to be seen in the airports, at the zoo and a huge statue of Sam Houston sitting on his trusty stallion watches over the entrance to Herman Park.

Houston Neighborhoods

Houston neighborhoods were carved out forested land, marshes, swamp, and prairie land. It has neighborhoods that stretch into some or all of 10 counties. The popular residential areas were once all located near downtown they are slowly being gentrified, but you can still see examples of Victoriain homes, cottages and bungalows that were the choice of homeowners before tract homes and subdivisions took over the landscape. You can still see the last few of these fading archtechual treasures by riding through the Heights, the Museum District, Rice Village and my favorite of course, Midtown Houston.

It depends on what type of diversion you're seeking as to what neighborhood in Houston is the best place to visit. If shopping in upscale shops is your thang, go Galleria. You want a larger selection of stores Katy's got just the right mall for you or if intimate boutiques where you can be chums with the owner, you'll find lots of them in Rice Village.

One of the wonderful things about Houston is that each neighborhood is populated by people from a broad spectrum of ethnic and cultural backgrounds. Every community in Houston has a diverse collection of residents and businesses. You'll find Hispanics and Mexican food anywhere you go in Houston. And somewhere nearby will be some Chinese food, Soul food, a Greek restaurants or you'll get a waft of Indian cuisine.

So cruising through a neighborhood is essential if you want to really find out where all the people are hanging out and get to know the real Houston. Don't just stay on the expressway gawking from a far. Here's what you do. Slow roll through the any hood and find a neighborhood park. Then look for a eatery where you see a nice size crowd. That's always a been my indicator of whether a place has good food and how I go about meeting peeps any place I visit.

Things To Do In Houston

The lest of your worries will be finding things to do in Houston in March. It'll be tougher deciding what to do in a city where there are so many different kinds of family-friendly entertainment and attractions.

Before you begin your trip to see public art, rodeo or Houston neighborhoods you can access some of the information online. There's a virtual tour of downtown and Google maps can give you a street level view of a lot of the communities and businesses in Houston.

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