7 Date Ideas For Introverts In Houston

Despite popular belief, you can have a fun date in Houston that offers some social and intrinsic benefits even if you consider yourself an introvert?   There is a big difference between introverts who prefer to be left alone versus those folks who are anti-social and want to be alone.

     Alone is fine sometimes, but even introverts dream of being on  late night dates on the town with the right fun-loving person and other fun things couples do together. We gathered a list of things to do and places to go from some other online sources that will  save innies the hassle and  headache of cruising around Houston hoping to bump into the right place for a date.

Resources For Dating Introverts

A whopping 57% of the U.S. population identify themselves as introverts. If you or someone you love fall in that category we have some resources you just gotta checkout .

Where Introverts Hangout In Houston

City parks: Take a walk in the park, a little conversation is OK, but most introverts enjoy a chance to listen to nature and the rhythm of footsteps.

Houston Public Library: Schedule your date during the next Community Cinema. They are sneak peeks at thought-provoking and groundbreaking independent films scheduled for upcoming broadcast on the Emmy Award-winning PBS series Independent Lens.

Take a class together to make edible creations: Michaels, Leisure Learning and lots of local restaurants and bars offer classes on everything from cake decorating to D-I-Y sushi.

  Yoga in the Park: Discovery Green has a Yoga session that brings together elements of time-limited activities, themed gathering and exercise for the innies that want to avoid going on on a nighttime date.

  Community Events: Walk-a-thons, building projects and neighborhood cleanups make excellent introverted-friendly opportunities for couples to strengthen their connection with each other and the community without giving up too much personal space.

  Fishing: This sport is not just for boisterous trash-talking anglers. Everyone who appreciates the beauty of nature should have a fishing story. If you can handle the thrill of your heartbeat racing from sudden silence to excitement go fishing on your next date. Houston's Gulf Coast has a variety of waterfront settings where you can cast your fishing line. Busy places can be found near the Galveston Pier or intimate locations with a view,  on an isolated lake will give the two of you solitude and the chance to show off your attractive partner.

 Reliant Arena: Reliant isn’t just a place for concerts and sporting events. Each week consumer shows, family entertainment events and trade shows take place at the centrally located facility. It’s the perfect place to take an introvert on a date. You’ll be around other people, without being expected to do too much interacting with them.

 Whether you are an introvert planning a date or dating an introvert these Fun Date Ideas in Houston For Introverts are on point for couples that  want to be left alone versus those actually wanting to be alone.

If you or someone you are dating is an introvert and you  REALLY want to be  included in their “shared time" try some of these suggestions. It's a good first step you should make for a day or night on the town where they can enjoy themselves as well.

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