Free Concerts In Houston This Weekend

All summer long Houston weekends have been punctuated with entertaining events at the Miller Theater in Hermann Park. A must-see show in the line-up for the month of August is Keeping the Music Alive. Its going to be one of the best free concerts that the city has seen in awhile.

One of the reasons great shows like this are possible is the huge talent pool of performing artist in the Houston area. The show on August 22 harnesses some of this incredible talent to honor legends of both music, film and comedy in the form of an amazing music concert.

This exciting Houston weekend event combines music and medicine wrapping free health screenings and consultations into a evening of entertaining interludes. This community centered event is focused on encouraging Houstonians to maintain a healthy lifestyle by bringing preventive health care services to the masses with a musical backdrop.

They've created a fitting tribute to a stellar list of legends: Marvin Gaye, Luther Vandross, Gerald Levert, Barry White and Bernie Mac. The Houston weekend event hopes to reach an audience of over 20,000 with health awareness and the amazing show of entertainment featuring local performers and some of the nations well known performing artists.

Everything will be rolling this weekend by 3PM and the openness of the Miller Outdoor Theater is an ideal venue to have a dialogue on health with members of the community. The ampitheather and majestic trees that populate the park are symbols of growth and vitality that are best enjoyed when you're healthy.

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