Events In Houston This Week

Metro Train speeds through Midtown Houston

I have a new list this week of some incredible events in Houston that are happening. I've named them the three T's. A couple of the affairs will take place during the evening, but if you have some time during the day to get out and about, I've got you covered too.

The Progressive Forum

The forum allows America's most notable speakers from every field of endeavor to share their unique views on today's hottest topics.

Their talks are the ideal place for professionals in Houston to exchange enlightening, enriching, ideas and network with others who support egalitarian values.

Free Events In Houston

Tuesday, the Baylor College Of Medicine invites you to participate in a Spirituality & Mental Health Forum & Dinner. Panelists include psychoanalyst and Director of Educational Programs at Baylor College of Medicine's Department of Psychiatry, James Lomax, MD, Rufus Smith and others to discuss the intersection of religion, spirituality, and healing.

This mental health symposium brings mental healthcare workers, friends and family members of people suffering from this ailment, up to speed on the latest developments in the industry.

Tours In Houston

The final "T" of this week is the guided tours in Houston. You'll walk the tunnel system, downtown Historic District, hitch a ride on the Metrorail Train and a lot more. The tours get started at 9:45 and last until after lunch.

Get more facts about this Houston event at Midtown Live Houston Tours section from earlier this month, detailing more facts about the various tours they offer periodically.

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