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March bears historical significance for Texas independence and gives us a couple of other reasons to celebrate.

St. Patrick Day falls smack dab in the middle of the month and since 1987 it's noted as Women's History Month.

It was the 6th of March by the time the 13 day siege of the Alamo ended.

According to, "The Texan Army 1835-46" By Stuart Reid, Richard Hook, initially the fight was for restoration of the liberal Mexican Constitution of 1824. However, the volunteers eventually found themselves fighting for the complete independence of Texas.

So any list for this month of "things to do in Houston" should include a tour or two of some of Texas' memorable historical sites and a reminder to male chauvinist that they "better recognize" what a better place the world is because of the impeccable women in our past, present and future.

Houston Tours

This month is a perfect time for taking tours too. The weather is usually amiable and in Houston, tours cover just about any area of personal interest.

You can find guided excursions into local neighborhoods, businesses, notable building, not to mention the historical, cultural and regional sites of importance.

If your looking for more adventurous outings take a look at Things To do in and around Midtown Houston "Houston By Air" in the Midtown Live archive.

Self-Guided Tours

Texan Army Soldiers 1860's

If you prefer a do it yourself approach and want to take a freestyle tour of Houston, check out these places and you can try your hand at self-guided treks.

State Parks

Texas History

Historical Monuments in Texas

Texas Outdoors Tours

No one should ever be allowed to visit Houston or Texas without taking an expedition into what makes this such a great place, our expansive outdoors.

Houston is often lauded for it's great human capital, but it's the abundance of our nature capital that personifies our community. Ranging from bats and frogs to astronomy, geology and more. There is always plenty of cool and fun things to see and do in Houston.

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