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Maybe there are some deals for saving money on your weekly fuel bill, however jumping on just any advertisement that says they'll save you money without doing some research, isn't what I recommend.

Just a quick Google of led to a host of information that leaves more questions than answers about the company. The Tucson, Arizona and Houston Texas areas have been getting a lot of airplay from their ads claiming, they can save money on gas from

The Better Business Bureau of Southern Arizona issued this statement to their local newspaper, the Arizona Daily Star “We are not saying that is a scam, but we would urge consumers to use extreme caution,”.

I visited the website and the first thing I noticed is that the radio gas deal website has lots of "red flags". First and foremost, there is no clear contact information if something goes wrong with the order. Then there is the money up front request, to give your credit card information to a company that you or no one else you know have done business with before.

The website owner is listed as a marketing firm out of Richmond, Va., called Free Zone Media and the BBB of Southern Arizona reported that numerous messages left with Free Zone, as well as an attorney in Virginia listed as the company's agent on corporate filings, were not returned. That’s a big red flag for me!

Here’s what they don’t tell you on the radio about the deal. Visitors to the site are required to provide a host of personal information. This is followed by a bunch of surveys until finally you get the "opportunity" to apply for high-interest credit cards or to purchase book and coffee club memberships or entertainment books.
Essentially, you have buy to one of these products, before you'll be eligible for a gas card that will cover the difference between the actual cost of gas and $2.49 a gallon for 15 gallons.

Just take a look at what folks over at the Consumerist and other watchdog websites are saying about ads touting ways to save you money on gas. Most of the companies like and seem to leave out some of the facts in their ads.

The BBB discovered that another "save money on gas" website bears watching, They claimed (in their press release) to have partnered with US Bank. However, when the BBB called to confirm this, they found out that it wasn't true.

Despite the fact that they have no contractual agreements in place to process transactions, MyGallons is still signing up new customers.

[where:Houston, 77002]

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