Where to Get Tickets for Obama/ Clinton Presidential Debate

I don’t usually cover politics on this blog but this breaking news is so close to home.After that over the top Potomac primary victory for Senator Obama, the debate with Senator Hillary Clinton on Feb. 21 in Austin will be a wang dang doodle.

No public tickets are available to the presidential debate, their campaign office will handle distributing the invitation only tickets.

Meanwhile, Visit the Barack Obama Campaign Office in Houston that opened this weekend. Now Mainland Barack Obama Meetup and the local Houston Barack Obama Meetup Group can have a meeting of the minds and join other volunteers to help Obama win Texas.

The office located on Southmore is close to Midtown and any residents that are interested in volunteering , go to Texans for Obama or join one of the meet-up groups. Don’t forget, to vote twice.
Really! Texas has a unique open primary/closed caucus hybrid . You have to vote in the primary to vote at the caucus that’s held after regular voting ends, no kidding.
It starts at 7:pm on March 4, 2008, at your polling place so, even if Sen. Obama loses the popular vote at the primary, he can still pick up a heap of delegates at the caucus. There are 228 delegates at stake in Texas, the most of all the remaining contests.

Local supporters of Senator Barack Obama for President

Speaker Pro Tempore of the Texas House of Reps: Sylvster Turner
Texas State Rep Garnett Coleman
Texas State Rep Alma Allen
Precinct Judge Clara Caldwell

How about you? How well do you think the Sen. Obama will do in Houston.

[Where:2520 Southmore Blvd, Houston TX 77004]


jjbrock said...

If he can take Texas I believe we are on our way to the convention. Jesus is driven and he can't lose.

Writeonbro said...

From the looks of the turn out at opening of Obama's campaign office, it's a done deal.

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