Worshiping in Midtown

It has occurred to me that I have yet to give sufficient coverage to some of the most important stakeholders of Midtown, the churches. Midtown is home to some of Houston’s oldest congregations, some of the places of worship have chapels that have been placed on The National Registry of Historic Places.
Their stately chapels and the participation of their membership in the revitalization of this area deserves recognition.

I’ve added a Worship in Midtown section to the links in my sidebar for anyone living in Midtown who is looking for or need a church home.

Free Stuff

Who doesn’t like free stuff, even if I’m not the one giving it away, I like to share the latest freebie’s with everyone I can. This week, I have something most people like a Free McDonald’s Sausage McGriddle sandwich. If you have problems getting out the house on time to fix breakfast grab this coupon and have breakfast on me.

1 comment :

Shelia said...

Well thank you very much! I am a bit hungry, but I think I'd like some sushi -- hmmmmm, I've got to pay for that. I'll take the McGriddle and a cup of coffee and run, lol.

Have a great evening.

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