7 Haunted Places To Visit In Houston

Could ghost be the reason these buildings
are abandoned and boarded up.
We found several places to visit in Houston that are haunted by paranormal activity, but still considered safe to visit.

 People claim to have heard the sound of music being played, heavy objects being moved around and footsteps in areas that are closed off.

   Most of the incidents occurred in buildings  where people work, live and play everyday.

 I’m really reluctant to say there are just ghost hanging around these places, because a lot more seems to be going on than just sightings.

                                  7 Haunted Hangouts In Houston

 La Carafe Restaurant
 Malibu Grand Prix entertainment center 
 Founders Memorial Cemetery
 Thomas Street Health Center
 Beeler Cemetery
 Jackson Lake, Lake Jackson 
 UTMB-Galveston (Ewing Hall) 

                                    La Carafe Restaurant

 La Carafe is a restaurant located in Houston's historic Market Square where the figure of a large black man and a shadowy female figure seem to have taken up residence in the building. For years employees have reported hearing footsteps and the sound of heavy objects being dragged across the second floor.
Peter Haviland of Lone Star Spirits included the restaurant on his list of the Texas Top Ten Most Haunted.

                               Malibu Grand Prix Entertainment 

 Two Malibu Grand Prix locations in close proximity to each other sit abandoned after one became the scene of a violent robbery.
 Three employees were stabbed and murdered at the Southwest Freeway location.

                                  One Of Houston's Most Haunted Cemeteries

 Many prominent figures of early Texas were buried in Founders Memorial Cemetery. One of the Allen brothers, a signer of the Texas Declaration of Independence, and many of the officers and soldiers who fought in the Battle of San Jacinto are among the remains interred there.

 This particular cemetery is also a regular stop during a popular ghost tour in Houston. It’s known for the numerous photos of orbs, (spheres of light) captured by ghost hunters in the cemetery. 

                                    Thomas Street Health Center 

 This building has a long history housing people who were suffering and near death. It’s a former Southern Pacific Railroad hospital. At one time, it was also a recovery clinic for cancer patients from M.D. Anderson.

Currently it’s a Harris County Hospital District's facility that provides medical and psychological services to men and women diagnosed with HIV/AIDS.

 The building was built back in 1910 on the grounds of an army hospital. An anonymous source that often works there at night, reported seeing several spirits roaming the premises. She described a little boy that comes out to play late at night and a railroad worker that roams thru the hallways in a story you can read on

                                         Beeler Cemetery

 Using a single grave to bury multiple bodies underneath it is a method of burying victims of disease like dengue or yellow fever. The absences of properly marked headstones that date to the early years in Houston indicates that the Beeler cemetery has several mass graves.

 Beeler cemetery is located off of Enclave Parkway and Interstate 10. It’s a place that has a history of car wrecks on one corner of the lot. According to police reports, two people were found tied up with their throats slit open on this very property.

                                             Jackson Lake 

 Homeowners and neighbors who live in and around what is now-called "Lake Jackson Farms" have reported apparitions, strange noises, and a few cases of full hauntings.

 The lake was once a crucial source of water for a local plantation owned by two brothers during the 1840’s,. The back-story claims that during a nasty fight, one of the Jackson brothers murdered the other and threw his head into the nearby lake.

 From that day on apparitions have appeared as well as the scary sounding noises said to be a headless man, presumably the brother, searching for his head.

The plantation was also known for tough field bosses that often beat to death slaves and later on the convicts, that supplied the back breaking labor that replaced forced servitude on the plantation in the 1870’s.

                                             UTMB Ghost 

 The image of the UTMB ghost" was sandblasted off of the building, only to find that it soon reappeared on the building. And, removal of that image only resulted in it relocating itself to another place on the building.

 Ewing Hall bears a mysterious likeness of a man on one of its exterior walls Known as the "UTMB ghost" or "The Face."

Legend has it that the previous landowner didn't want his property sold. After his death family sold the land anyway. Then the medical school built a building there. Since then, an image of a man's face seems to appear on its exterior walls.

 There are a lot more than 7 haunted places worth visiting in the city. Our list only includes the ones we consider safe enough to take your family and kids.

 Professional and amateur paranormal sleuths have visited many of these places and documented some of the strange sounds and eerie apparitions and you can too.

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