Things For Couples To Do In Houston, Tx

When you are searching for things to do for couples in Houston an important thing to remember is, “Money can't buy happiness, it's available freely to those who are willing to seek and find it.

So don't be skitish about trying some unconventional date ideas that can put the U back into your fun, when you are on a tight budget. Our blog lists lots of great activities, attractions and adventures that make it simple for the two of you to keep laughing, talking and spending time together.

You will find frugal rendezvous for two and other date ideas that will hit the spot or at least juice you up with some ideas of your own. The key to a having a good date is to make sure that you spend plenty of the time making your partner, spouse or significant other feel that they are special to you.

Things Couples Can Do In Houston For Under $20

1. A Casino Night
Have a casino night for couples or friends who may be game for some friendly, fun, low stakes gaming. Everyone should bring something, food or drinks and some cash no credit cards. If you are lucky enough to get 5 other people with $20 each to join you, by the end of the night you may have a C-note in your pocket.

2. Go Bargain hunting
Real bargain hunters know that thrift stores are the best place to find last year’s designer jeans, exercise equipment, DVD’s and CD’s for cheap. Keep your eyes out for pottery (Newcomb), jewelery (Tiffany) and books (1st edition Alcoholics Anonymous book sold for $8,351 on e-bay in 2010).

3. Wine Tasting
Scan the local newspapers and the Internet for wine tasting events that are free or, charge a small fee. Not only will you have good time while there, afterwards you will amaze your friends with your new found knowledge about wines.

4. Wash Your Cars
You can clean your cars at home or at a local car wash with a heavy duty vacuum and high pressure hose to knock those pesky love bugs out of the front grill of your vehicles. If you’re lucky you’ll find a few dollars in change under the car seats.
If you don’t own a car you can replace the automobile with a few baskets of laundry.

5. Take a self guided tour
Every community grows by leaps and bounds each day. Buy a little gas, and you and your spouse, significant other or partner can can make small talk and take slow walks through the new subdivisions, down new walking trails and if there is inclement weather take your tour through a new mall.

6. Pizza in the park
Pick-up a round of pizza (look for coupons before ordering) and some beverages. Take the pizza and your someone special with you to the park. If you prefer eat on a picnic table, but it is much more romantic when bodies are allowed to tangle themselves together on a blanket.

7. Have a picnic for two
Ever heard of a pantry picnic? It is where you get out all that stuff that’s been sitting in the back of the pantry and nearing it’s expiration date and turn it into finger food. You can grab a cooler if you don't have one check out this hip Insulated Shoulder Pack with Picnic Service for 2, that has a compartment to keep your vino properly chilled.

The best places are parks close to home with full size playground equipment. Highly recommended are parks with at least a swing where the two of you can share romantic rides and/or a pond with a few ducks, geese and other water fowl that will happily devour your leftovers.

8. Board games
Break out, borrow or buy a board game. There are games online that the both of you can play together and enjoy too. Create-your-own treats to snack on using fruit, cheese or sandwiches. To save time grab ready-to-go treats from the local deli.

9.Free Concert
Free concerts or musical events are a staple of city life. It does not have to be your favorite kind of music. You are there for the entertainment value. If it gets too boring you can always let the music become your soundtrack for some serious smooching.

10. Make a music CD together
You can go to any music website (Itunes, Myspace, ) and download whatever kind of music that floats your boat around a dollar each. It can be your favorite love, dance or party songs. One thing for sure it will become the one CD you won't leave home without.

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