10 Summer Getaway Ideas For Houston Tx

Two Wheel Tour – The beauty of the nature is best when viewed up close and personal. Sharing the seat of a motorcycle or peddling till you sweat on a road trip can be an exhilarating part of a romantic weekend for couples. It can be fun for friends and family too. Be sure to save time for hiking, boat tours and other outdoor fun that allows you to commune with the beautiful Texas outdoors.

Bike Tours (
Motorcycle Tours (

Fruit/Vegetable Picking – At an orchard near you your family can enjoy an apple, watermelon or vegetable picking excursion as a day trip or part of a weekend getaway. It can be a great occasion to share with your sweetheart or your family. You may even be able to find an old fashion hayride in one of the rural communities for your kids to experience during the trip!

Local pick your own farms (

Wildlife Conservation – Join the Houston Zoo, Audubon Society and other Texas organizations in preserving wildlife and the conservation of their habitat. You can tag along with local wildlife experts and zoo officials on adventure tours to Botswana's Okavanaga Delta and exciting destinations around the globe.

It’s a once in a lifetime chance to see animals in the wild in some of the worlds most unspoiled and diverse habitats. There are also local opportunities to take part in preserving Ridley turtles, Galveston beach and more,

Elderhostle (
Houston Zoo Safaris (
Audubon Society (

Archaeological Adventures – You can find countless archaeological sites in and around Texas. Local museums and universities offer residents a chance to participate in uncovering traces of the states historical past.

Lubbock Lake Landmark (
Texas Archaeological Society (
Lake Jackson Plantation (

Northern Getaways – If it’s gets a bit too hot in the summer travel north to the Texas panhandle where it’s cooler for a fun laid back getaway. There are lots of attractions, parks and museums that are open to visitors on weekends. It’s the place to find plenty of wide open spaces, dude ranches and canyons. Favored activities in the area area or horseback riding, mountain biking and hiking.

Fort Davis National Historic Site (
Addicks Dam (
Frontier Texas (Abilene) (

Texas History Excursion – What better place to go for a historical tour than Texas? There’s plenty of Texas history that a family, a couple or group can discover in a weekend. Allow enough time for sampling the local cuisine, shopping, and other attractions to make this an enjoyable and enriching excursion.

State Historical Sites(
Texas Driving Tours (

Lake Cruises – A refreshing lake cruise on a humid, hot weekend is a great getaway for couples. It’s a wonderful opportunity to use that new camera to take lots of pictures, enjoy fabulous food, and relax to the sounds of waves slapping against the side of the ship. There are several vendors offering short 3 hour party cruises in Houston.

Clear Lake Cruise (
Galveston Bay Cruise (
Paddlewheel Boat Cruise (

Texas Beach Getaway – A beach getaway is ideal for a spouse or family that enjoys the sound of the surf outside of their door. These are a few of the best places to find vacation condos and cabins for rent during the summer.

Port Aransas (
Moody Gardens Resort (
Corpus Christi (

The rates for multiple days are very reasonable June through September. For a getaway that won’t break your budget, look for privately owned beach rentals on Craig’s List. You should be able to save a few bucks off of the cost of staying at a resort.
Summer Festivals – Summertime is prime time for a bunch of festivals. There are festivals happening just about every weekend. Here’s a short list of some of the themes festivities in the South Texas area.

Annual Tomato Fest
Annual Texas Blueberry Festival
Kerrville Folk Festival

For more info on the dates and times of Texas fairs and festivals visit,

If traveling with a significant other or adult friends, check out the list of food and wine festivals happening in Texas.

Camping / Hiking Getaway – For a low key summer getaway for family, couples, or groups, consider a simple weekend camping or hiking trip. If you don’t want to travel too far from home, there are plenty of camping facilities in the Harris county parks. You and your partner or group will get to see the expansive Texas outdoors and enjoy our local habitats at the same time.

State Parks (
Harris County Parks (

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