Fun Date Ideas For Couples To Do In Houston

We have a new list of things for couples to do in Houston on a date that will introduce you to some fantastic, fun and fabulous activities at local Houston Attractions. If you're a member of a busy, tech savvy family that shares few meals together and is unsatisfied with the amount of leisure time you have available, here's some places to visit where you can get the most bang for your buck when you do spend time together.

After seeing the astonishing findings of a recent Pew Research study, which clearly indicated that more couples need to grab their loved ones for an adventurous day or night on the town. We compiled a list of local places for our visitors to consider attending in their off-time. They are affordable and will appeal to an artsy wife, sportsman husband or anyone who wants to have a date that is anything but boring.

Houston Museum District

One of the hottest places to go on in Houston is the Museum District. If you going with the entire family or group you can get discounts by using
Citypass tickets.

Houston’s modern museums want guest to view their magnificent art collections as just one part of their overall attraction. They make it easy for visitors to participate in evening mixers filled with dinning and dancing, informative workshops, lectures and special events. Some of the popular museums and events include:

  • Mixers and Elixirs 
  • Houston Museum of Natural Science 
  • George Observatory
  • Museum of Fine Art
  • Menil Collection

Taking a wife, husband or significant other on outdoor adventures is an age old way to spark romance. Making a visit to one of the nature centers in Houston can be a rewarding experience. Most of them offer hikes in the cool of the evening, boat tours and other programing that will bring you up close and personal with the ecosystems that surround the Houston area. A short list of the nature centers in Houston:
  • Houston Arboretum
  • Armand Nature Center
  • Katy Prairie
  • Jones Park

Dinning and Dancing In Houston

There are plenty of hip and chic venues that call Houston home. The old school places for dancing and dinning have gotten a makeover. Some of the fabulous new places in Houston to dine and dance are:

Hard Rock Cafe
The House of Blues
Omni Salsa
Houston Swing Dance Society

Leisure Learning

There are plenty of eclectic things to do in Houston. Everything from film screenings and luncheons to art car exhibits that are designed to enrich couples individually and collectively. From the huge statue of Sam Houston sitting on his trusty stallion to sculptures along Buffalo Bayou’s walking trail. There's plenty of public art on display in the airports, at the zoo and other locations all over the city. Here’s our list of places where you can have unique dating experiences:

The Jung Center
Houston Municipal Art Collection
Orange Show
Diverse Works

Land and Air Adventures In Houston

Houston has some places that provide some fabulous once in a lifetime adventures that people dream about. Things like sailing high above the clouds in a hot air balloon, riding in a vintage airplane or driving a race car. Couples can enjoy these activities any day of the week.
Several local companies will take you sailing on the romantic balloon flight, a short private flight on WWII warbirds or for a daring rides in race cars.

  • Bear Creak Balloons 
  • Air Texas Balloons
  • Texas Motor Speedway
  • Texas Driving Experience 
  • West Houston Squadron of the Commemorative Air Force

Things To Do In Houston

Go ahead and add one or more of these things for couples to do at Houston attractions to your "to do list". Your partner could be one of the 49% of employed adults who feel very satisfied with the amount of time they spend with their families and long for more time together. You can feel free to use this list to plan an exciting date with your him or her and pass it on to your friends too?

These activities are sure to excite a spouse, partner are loved one of any age group. At the end of the day you will be glad that you experienced something new and exciting. You won't have wasted your valuable time doing something that is not interesting, enjoyable or entertaining. Especially since only one in three Americans report being very satisfied with the amount of time they have for relaxing, hobbies, clubs or other activities.

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