10 Ways To Celebrate Fathers Day In Houston

This Father’s Day Houston will undoubtedly be the place where a lot of dads will be spending time with their family and friends.

We wanted to help any lazy Susan's or lazy Sam's who are still looking for stuff to do in Houston to make this year, one dad will always value and remember.

Here are our top 10 suggestions.

Father's Day Slideshow

Whatever you decide to do this Father's Day in Houston, try to choose something that dad will find relaxing and stress free. The major causes of stress for most men are family/relationships, finances and work. Help him avoid any troubling situations and relationships so that he can chill out and enjoy this day that is set aside for him each year.

Million of people lose their father’s each year to stress related illnesses. According to Men’s Health magazine. Men’s biggest health threat isn't stroke, heart disease or cancer. It's out-of-control stress. It can cause or worsen those conditions.

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