7 Ideas For Things To Do In Houston During Christmas Holidays

Christmas lights and around duck pond in Hermann Park-Houston

We have some great ideas for things to do in Houston during the holidays. Christmas is a special time of year and if you’re having trouble getting into a jolly mood or even if your Christmas spirit is bubbling over, take a look at these exciting ways to spend an evening or two during this time of year.

You’ll find a few things to do around the house. Stuff you can do with your extended family and suggestions for tranquil gatherings for a few close friends. There also some places you can visit that should perk up any old Grinch.

Ugly Sweater Party

You know that sweater that you paid good money for and have only worn it once, because you realized later that it’s ugly. Your friends, coworkers and most of us, all have a similar holiday sweater that we feel the same way about too!

You can have a contest, or just a friendly get together where everyone can finally wear his or her sweater without feeling embarrassed or ashamed of their bad taste.

12 Dishes Of Christmas Pot Luck

Any excuse especially a yuletide gathering, is good reason to have an old fashion pot luck. You can assign dishes for everyone to cook or have them pull one out of a hat or tell them to bring their favorite Christmas dish

Christmas Light Tour

It’s a Houston tradition to decorate entire neighborhoods, the yards, houses and some homeowners dress in character for the holidays. Sometimes each street has a different theme i.e.lollipop lane, candy land or North Pole are some of the popular selections.

Shepard Terrace on the North, Sheffield Estates in the Northwest and Scott Terrace on the South are a few of the popular communities that are heavily visited by people that enjoy Christmas light tours in Houston. This is a real crowd-pleaser for small children and Seniors.

Smores And Games By The Fireplace

Nothing can warm the heart and ignite the Christmas spirit faster than an evening spent enjoying the cozy heat emanating from a fireplace. You can keep it simple by trying your hand at roasting chestnuts, making smores or a variety of other tasty treats in wood burning fireplaces.

Your evening will be filled with wonder, amazement and suspense if you share your favorite board games, stories or exchange ideas about current events. You can always go retro and turn off the lights and TV and let the flickering light from the red hot embers burning in the hearth bath the room with shadows as you absorb the silence.

Call People You Haven’t Heard From In Longtime

If you have free long distance or an unlimited calling plan, the yuletide season is a good reason to contact some of your long lost friends, relatives and that retired co-worker that you always tell yourself you are going to call someday.

Before you start, prepare a nice short Christmas greeting that you can leave you when you get sent to the voice mailbox of the folks who are unavailable to answer their phones.

Wine and Cheese Night Hike

Whether you spend the first part of your evening dashing through the snow or walking through a local mall, a wine and cheese hike will energize your holiday spirit. On a mild evening you and one or more people could take a walk in the beautiful outdoors, at the Houston arboretum, Bayou Bend or Discovery Green culminating the journey with an informal picnic.

Don’t prepare anything elaborate or time consuming. Just grab a bottle of your favorite vino and a cheese tray from your wine collection or newly released wine vintage from a local store to share as you discuss, debrief and deliberate about the wonderful events you experienced during the evening..

Ice Skating In Houston

Your don't have to worry about thin ice, polar bears straggling around or waiting for the pond to freeze over to go ice skating in Houston. Discovery Green has just the thing for you. An outdoor ice skating rink. It’s a surefire way to get the young and old Houstonians into the spirit of the season.

What is really amazing is that you don’t have to get out on the ice and skate to enjoy this fun filled holiday idea. You can watch other people gleefully gliding back and forth on the ice and still have a good time.

Final Thoughts

You probably already noticed that this list of things to do in Houston during the Christmas holiday’s won’t cost you a ton of money, require any special skills or perfect weather to make them enjoyable.

We hope you try one or more of them this yuletide season and please do come back and tell us about your experiences with these nifty holiday activities in the comments section.

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