Houston Weekend

If your Houston weekend agenda needs a boost, I've found a few local events that are exciting, entertaining and enriching for busy professionals who have been cooped up in a office or a cubicle all week long and can't wait to get outside.

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Urban Gardening, Armand Bayou Nature Center and Discovery Green are the top picks this weekend to get you out of the house and have some great outdoor fun in Houston.

Urban Gardening

This weekend is an ideal time to scout-out locations in your neighborhood or that weed-filled plot of land outside your office window to prepare for a community garden.

Flowers can beautify a landscape, but vegetable gardens have flowers that reward you for your hard work and taste better. The expert gardeners from Urban Harvest will teach you everything you need to know about a community/school garden.

They're offering a class in Houston soon, to teach the mechanics of organizing, maintaining and running a productive community garden. You can brighten just about any corner of your world with some incredible edible plants. Especially if there are vacant lots in your neighborhood, school or office.

Urban Harvest classes are open to anyone with an interest in growing plants. Their hands-in-the-dirt training will prepare you to grow vegetables, fruit trees and anything with roots in a variety of urban landscapes.

Armand Bayou Nature Center

On the 2nd & 4th Saturdays head over to the Armand Bayou Nature Center for a guided canoe tour of the bayou. The nature center's tour is part education, part outdoor adventure. Be prepared to paddle your own canoe on a guided tour down the backwaters of Armand Bayou.

It's a leisurely tour of the local wetland, that allows us city folks to observe birds, reptiles, deer and other wildlife who start their day on the bayou.

Discovery Green

If you missed all of the exciting action at last year's Ice Carving competition in Houston, which featured acclaimed ice artists from around the country using chainsaws and blow torches to masterfully transform blocks of ice into works of frozen art. Come out to Discovery Green Ice Day this weekend to witness this icy battle for yourself .

Your creativity will get a flowing as you watch the sculpting process which is as much a part of the competition as the finished products. Ice sculptor Reverend Butter of DLG Ice Factory will entertain visitors during the evening, with a show highlighting ice carving set to music.

Houston Weekend Activities

Don't let a little cold weather cause you to miss out on these fantastic Houston weekend events. It's a great way to try out that new parka so be sure to bundle up and get out of the house.

If you're willing to brave the cool Houston temperature and experience some of the great happenings taking place outdoors you'll find a big plus is that there won't be long lines and big crowds this weekend.

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