5 Social Networking Websites For Houston Business Professionals

Houston business activity is flourishing on Houston related Social networking websites. The Internet is a hotbed for business. If your always on the go and can't make it to many of the mixers, meetings and other events happening in your area, you can stay connected with networking groups in Houston and other business professionals through using the Internet.

It's important for professionals to get involved in organizations, conferences and workshops in their industry, if they want to succeed. Networking is a tried and true method of expanding your circle of influence to include like minded individuals who can clue you in on opportunities for growth, advancement and mentoring.

Social Networking For Business Professionals

If you're already have profiles on any of the major networking sites you probably already have a list of some of the other business people in your area. You can expand that list by joining other Houston area groups on any of the popular online social networking sites.

For example last year in Houston a group of moms online met in downtown Houston and held a Mom 2.0 conference. Twitter users got together and put on a tweet-up resulting in dozens of online friends and followers getting in some face-time with people they had been communicating with online for the first time.

5 Online Networking Groups With Houston Affiliates

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These social networking communities are popular places to perfect your networking skills and strategy,  to build relationships. It's the way that most professionals grow their careers and acquire new business. Here's a list of some of the Houston groups on these websites that I recommend checking out.

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Online Networking In Houston
I've only covered 5 social networking websites that Houston professionals should know about. There a dozens that have a Houston chapter or affiliate. If you want to tell us about one that you think Houston professionals should join leave us a comment below.

Networking both online or offline is effective for connecting, relationship building, meeting with other professionals and to give any career an added boost. Lookout for the next post on "online networking in Houston" for details on how to build a profile on social media and networking websites.

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