Entertainment In Houston-October 2009

There's lots of delightful entertainment in Houston this weekend where you can expect les bons temps rouler (the goodtimes to roll). The spotlight shines on three places. So whether you want to stay close to home in Cy Fair or hang-out in Sugarland in the Southern part of the city, you'll find it here.

Zilkha Hall in downtown Houston is the place to see an exciting dance performance. The stage at Lone Star College has the dramatically acclaimed stage play Crowns or if you crave fun and games you can watch or participate in Dragon Boat Racing.

Hobby Center

Uptown Dance Company presents Dance Infusion on Sunday, October 18th in Zilkha Hall, at the Hobby Center for the Performing Arts, it's a short train ride from Midtown Houston to the picturesque building on Bagby.

Guest artists Alexander Pandiscio and Lauren Ciobanu, are both members of the Houston Ballet and will be performing in the piece. Included in the performance is Gulledge-Brown's, Dancing Days, whcih showcases its contemporary influence by featuring the music of Led Zeppelin.

Crowns- Lone Star College

This weekend is your final chance to see why everyone is raving about Crowns by Regina Taylor, the stage play based on an acclaimed book of photography by
Michael Cunningham and Craig Marberry.

The plot centers around six African American women of the South whose stories of love, loss, identity, and sisterhood are woven into the hats that crown their heads and the songs that speak their truth.

Through the hats they wear to church, we explore hat etiquette (no hat borrowing), style (you shouldn’t look lost in it), and attitude (you have to have one in order to wear a hat well). It's what Deirdre Guion calls "hattitude...there's a little more strut in your carriage when you wear a nice hat."

Take a look at this preview of the play, directed by Ron Jones and Lisa Garza on Midtownlive's Youtube channel "What's Happening In Houston".

Houston's Annual Dragon Boat Festival

The Annual Dragon Boat Festival and Regatta takes place at Brooks Lake in Sugar Land, Sugarland Saturday and Sunday instead of it's old course on Buffalo Bayou. You can see Houston's Dragon Boat team, the "Heat" in action at the event. They're a group of highly skilled competitors that travel across America to challenge other racing teams.

Their die hard team of paddlers have faced-off against some stiff competition from other members of the Texas Dragon Boat association and teams from Canada, the West Coast and the Midwest.

We consider the races entertainment in Houston, but dragon boat racing is called the world's fastest growing water sport. It's a combination of tradition, teamwork, enthusiasm, and strategy. The races are always fun for the participants and those who come out to watch and support their favorite boat team.
This festival and regatta is to promote the tradition, the sport and share dragon boat racing, a little known aspect of Asian culture, with the community.

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