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I've reviewed several Houston Event calendars for just the right mix of fun and sun for this weekend's "MidtownLive list of cool things to do in Houston". Two things stood out The Dragon Boat Race and Festival and Ensemble Theater's season comedy, Livin' Fat now playing in Midtown Houston.

Due to the water conditions of the Buffalo Bayou, They're moving this weekends Dragon Boat Festival to Sugar Land's Fluor Daniel campus.This event is not your grandpa's boating event at all.

The Houston Dragon Boat team, the "Heat" are serious competitors and travel the U.S. to challenge other teams. This die hard team of paddlers often face stiff competition from other members of the Texas Dragon Boat association. Teams from Canada, the West Coast and the Midwest participate in this growing water sport.

Believe it or not Dragon boat racing builds a sense of coperation,teamwork and community, it's even recommended by some in the medical field as a method of gaining strength and minimizing the risk of developing lymphedema, a condition marked by swelling in the arms after breast cancer surgery.

It unfortunate that downtown Houston's Buffalo Bayou is unsuitable for this weekends race, but you can access 59 South from downtown on your way to Sugarland.

Houston Theater-Livin Fat Will Tickle Your Funny Bone

Ensemble Theater-Houston has officially opened Livin Fat. Featured Actors Include: Kendrick Brown, Estella Henderson, Byron Jacquet, Joyce Anastasia Murray, Joseph “Joe P.” Palmore, and Bebe Wilson.

If you've been waiting for your slice of pie in the sky, and suddenly you happen upon some loot (stolen money). What should you do (lol) ? Come laugh out loud at the Ensemble's season comedy and find out what the Cooper family plans to do, with their unexpected windfall.

You'll enjoy the dialogue as much as the plot of this hip dramaedy. It it echoes the cool slanguage of the the 70's. Even the title "Livin' Fat" symbolizes the funky mood of the era, chosen as a backdrop by the playwright Judi Ann Mason, to flavor to her work.

Mason won, the Norman Lear Award for comedy writing from the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts for, Livin’ Fat, while attending Grambling State University.

The play opens April 30, 2009, 7:30pm the Houston event will run until May 24, 2009.

It unfortuante that Buffalo Bayou is unsuitable for this weekends race, but you can access 59 South from downtown on your way to Sugarland.

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