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canoe on Buffalo Bayou

I've got the 411 on several fun classes in Houston, for those of us who value personal enrichment. The benefits from learning these 3 cool things is more than just having a fun experience, they'll improve your life in some unique ways. These classes will not only make you smarter, but you may become wealthy, healthy and wiser just by adding this knowledge to your skill set.
Take a look at the main benefits.

Earn extra money

How to prepare natural foods

Great water adventures in Houston

Starting Your Own Business

Everyone has dreamed about starting their own business, this class could be the signpost on the road that leads you to becoming your own boss. Dr. QuickBooks, as he affectionately known, will teach you how to use the accounting program, Quickbooks, to keep your records in order, so you will know instantly every vital numerical fact about your business.

He'll show you how to take charge of your business with the dynamic seven-step business development program plus much more. Don't miss out on this class from Leisure Learning if you plan to start your own business.

Find more details at Leisure Learning.

How To Find Things To Eat In Your Local Woods

You can learn how to survive in the woods, cut your food bills, or become a localvore by the end of this session on wild foods in Houston. The instructor's objective is to teach you how to find the ancient foodstuffs that are all around us.

You'll get training on where to find, how to identify and prepare edible wild foods. Learn about local fruits, shoots, roots, and salad greens and have more fun cooking them. Get more information about this fun Houston event at the Arboretum.

Local Canoe Adventures

How would you like to be able to escape the hustle and bustle of city life without venturing too far from home? Your great escape to answer the call of the wild could be as close as that canoe or flat bottom boat in your garage.

This class, uses videos to discuss safety considerations, put-in and take out points, and the surrounding habitats you'll encounter on easy canoe escapes in the greater Houston area.

Learn about Houston's best natural asset, Buffalo Bayou. You'll appreciate its history, ecology and future. Go to Leisure Learning webspace for your a chance to connect with other water lovers in the community and plan your escape.

Try These Classes in Houston On Starting A Community Garden

produce in boxes

If you are looking for things to do that will enhance the sense of community between the folks in your area, start a community or school garden in your neighborhood? The crops will become incidentals to the camaraderie and friendships and neighborhood pride that can be harvested in a community garden.

Some of the takeaways from this class:

How to start a community garden or school garden.

How to choose a community or school garden site.

The skills needed to place your garden on paper

Learn the variety of fruits that are suitable for growing in Houston.

You can find out how to join the class and others like it from the good people at Urban Harvest.

On top of the knowledge you obtain, all of these fun classes in Houston are designed for you to learn at your own pace, take at your leisure and get additional benefits like eating healthy and keeping fit.

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