Events In Houston This Weekend

boats on buffalo bayou

On First Saturday's in Houston if you're looking for a cool place to go, oh me oh my oh, you can have big fun, down on the bayou.

The best event in Houston this weekend has to be the boat tour of Houston's Buffalo Bayou with author and historian, Louis Aulbach as your guide.

Buffalo Bayou Weekend Tours

After a couple of hours drifting past swatches of lush green banks and picturesque city views, along the banks of the birthplace of the Big "H," you'll have a better picture of the ecological and historical features of the bayou and maybe find out the real story behind the name of our popular waterway.

Concerts In Houston

For details on concerts, what's happening at Houston museums and other cool social and cultural events in Houston this weekend, check out the quick links to the Concert Calendar, Unique Museums, Places to Eat and other things to do, on this blog.


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