What's Happening This Week in Houston

Bridging the present to the past is the central theme of Radio Golf and a specialty of Eileen J. Morris, the Ensemble's Artistic Director who directs this work from August Wilson.

It's Happening all this week on through October 19th.

The Ensemble Theater will surely draw Houston's theater crowd to Midtown Houston to partake of this unforgettable show that everyone will be talking about for a long time.

The play mirrors scenes from the closing decades of the 20th Century when African Americans, Lee Brown, Harold Washington and Tom Bradley were elected to head some of the nation's largest cities.

Harold Wilks figured he was the ideal man to get Pittsburgh added to the unprecedented list. That's only a one of the many contemporary scenarios that Wilson molded into his final work.

The director and performers vividly portray the struggles of African Americans on the journey to success tweaking their moral compass.

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