Midtown Shopping

You never want to go grocery shopping when you are hungry so Sat 01/05/08 start your day at the Breakfast Klub and get your eat on. Don’t forget to visit Kross The Street Marketplace they have an eclectic selection of goods from scented candles to jewelry for your shopping pleasure.

01/05 is also our first Saturday of the month and the Midtown Farmer's Market will be operating beginning at 08:00 AM, T'afia Restaurant 3701 Travis Street @ Alabama, on the big block.

The farmers market is Midtowns best source for buying locally grown produce. Their greens are not just the greenest in color, all of their produce is really greener than most others you buy in the store because, they don’t have to be trucked in from the California or the valley here in Texas, thus they reduce the emissions from the trucks that would have transported these produce from across the country.

Even if you belong to the COAST TO COAST AM WITH GEORGE NOORY fan club and you don't believe all the hype about global warming, you must admit that we may not be able to undo the past, but we should try to leave this planet in a better state of condition than currently exist, for future generations.

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