Cozy Places for Dating In Houston : Springtime Guide

Springtime is a great time for Houston couples
When it comes to dating in Houston Texas, there are tons of places for couples to go, but there are those special places that stand heads and shoulders above the pack.

 They just seem to be way better than the rest of the crowd. We have been talking to both young and old folks while actively scouting locations to uncover those special places where couples love to hangout when they feel like hugging and smooching.

 We have other suggestions for fun Houston dates or use   the comments section below if you want to tell us about your favorite spot and make sure they are listed in our next informal poll of locations that are conducive to romantic outings and intimate occasions around the city.

If what you are expecting to find is the names of nightclubs and dance halls check our future list. This group is for outdoors gathering places where lovers can have intimate picnics, dates and weddings.

Houston Dating Sites

  • Harmony Wedding Chapel
  •  Co-Cathedral Church
  •  Sam Houston Park
  •  Mercer Botanical Gardens arboretum 
  • Adair Park
  •  Houston arboretum and Nature Center 
  • Cockkrell Butterfly Center
  • Japanese Gardens
  • Vargos
Only the most romantic places for dating in Houston Texas made it on our first list of the season. The search for cozy date spots has just begun, now that the wonton winter weather has subsided.

 We will review any of the places and suggestions that are placed in the comment section below. In the meantime peruse our slideshow on Picasa Web   to see actual pictures of the dating hot spots where we found couples meandering and chilling out. Join the conversations with MidtownLive on Facebook and Twitter where we dispense  updates and information throughout the week about exciting, entertaining and enriching things for houston couples.

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