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We have complied a list of 10 affordable diversions for travelers visiting Houston Tx who want to prevent those pesky little boredom gremlins for crashing and burning their trip. These are some of the best boredom fighting activities available in and around town.

People come here to the South’s largest city because they want to have fun and find some fantastic things to do while hanging out in this neck of the woods. We keep our finger on the pulse of the city and know where to find fabulous stuff that you can see and do that’s not always available in most other places.

Whether you live in Houston, planning a visit during a sporting event, business trip or vacation to the city you need to check out this hand picked list of stuff to do.

Suds and A Show

Visit San Jacinto Monument

Tour Reliant Stadium

Join a Group Bicycle Ride

Entertained By Dickens On The Strand

Here are a few details about the other five attractions and entertainment options in Houston on our list.

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Things To Do With A Group

Hangout Or Have A Party At Houston's Game Room For Adults

Joystix Games and Pinballs is a groovy looking place located a few steps from Minute Maid Park, home of MLB’s Houston Astros. This throwback arcade is where people come to test their skills on old school games like pinball, Pacman and other video games. These were the ganes that were popular with a generation of folks before the dawning of PlayStation's and Wii.
The game room is available for parties and open year around for your gaming pleasure not just during baseball season.

Waugh Dr. Bridge Bat Colony

Each night at dusk after the sun has begun its trek to the West. Long before the moon paints the skyline with the Goth colors of darkness, people flock to the bridge on Waugh drive to watch thousands of bats emerge from their urban cave-like home beneath the bridge.

You can safely see the 2nd largest colony of free-tail Mexican bats in Texas as they flock skyward from viewing stations that have been set up along the street or during certain times of the month take part in a guided boat tour to view the nightly event.

Kiteboarding Lessons In Houston

The only thing that can beat watching planes, bats and doves fly is to catch some air for yourself. Kiteboarding is a new way for you to do just that. It’s popular new sport built an the intersection of surfing and hang gliding.

Chances are you may not know much about this sport or don’t have the proper equipment on hand to participate. Don’t fret there are a couple of places around town where you can take lessons and/or rent some equipment so that you can get some airtime.


Go For A Ride On A River Ferry

Seeing a city from as many different angles as possible gives you a real sense of what living there is really like for the residents. A ride on the Lynchburg or Bloivar Ferries will help you gain an appreciation of the laid back lifestyle enjoyed by residents who live, work and play along the Gulf Coast.

The Ferry is used by people commuting to and from work each day. It allows you to drive your car aboard, park and relax while it takes you on a short leisurely ride to the opposite side of the waterway.

Visit A Pick Your Own Farm

The sweetest souvenirs that you can share with your family and friends are fresh fruit and berries that ripened on the vine and were selected and picked from the bush with your own two hands.

There are several pick-your-own farms and orchards in and around Houston that offer visitors a chance to pick fruit, veggies or pecans. What makes this experience unique is that you can wander through the fields until you find the perfect fruit that meets your expectation.

We hope you try a few of these fun things while you're visiting Houston Tx.
This is just a short list of the things that tourist, visitors and residents enjoy participating in everyday.

They are exciting ways to enjoy Houston that can make a couple's, family or group trip memorable, magical and magnificent. Much of the fabulous stuff to do in Houston we selected can’t be seen or done do in a lot of other cities.

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