Cool Things To Do On Father's Day in Houston

Some of the cool things to do for Fathers day in Houston that your dad will appreciate can run the gambit from, a relaxing massage to getting him out of the house for an active day of fun in the sun at the park or beach.

Finding the right spot or stuff your dad will like will be your call, but we have several good suggestions to guide with your decision making process.

Some Basic Stats On Modern Dads

Among fathers who live with their kids, 93 percent engage in regular conversation, 94 percent share meals, and 63 percent help with homework, while 54 percent cart children to daily activities.

Free Food And Discounts On Fathers Day In Houston

If your father is serious about food and loves dinning out? Here are a few tips on good places to eat on fathers day. Take him to Spaghetti Whorehouse in the downtown district and your dad can eat free. Other places with father’s day specials include Shula's, Brady's Landing and Rainbow Lodge.

For Dads Who Like Sports

If your father is a sports junkie you are in luck. Houston has batting cages where he can get in few swings, driving ranges so he can work on his long ball game, and plenty of hike and bike trials where the both of you can burn a few calories.

The Entertainer

If your dad is the kind of guy who is always the life of the party, throw a quick family get together and invite his favorite buddies. You don’t need to have a bunch of expensive food and decorations.

Some nice hors d'Ĺ“uvre and finger food works well for small impromptu gatherings. If you don’t want cook or prepare the food yourself, make a quick trip to the local deli. Most of them have sandwich trays, buffalo wings at a reasonable price or have the old standby pizza delivered to you.

The Busy Executive

Fathers day with a busy dad may require you to get something on the go. You can call in a order for his favorite foods from just about any local restaurant. If he has to work, why not take him the food.
If he is super busy, try picking up the meal and delivering it to him later that night.

Mr. Wait Until Tomorrow

If your schedules don’t seem to gel so that you can spend time with dad in Houston on Sunday? Make an effort to hook up another day this week. It is not important whether it's the 22nd or next week, spending time together will keep the to of you from straying too far apart.

The idea behind Father’s Day is that you should make it a serious effort to aside time to spend with dad.

Don’t fret about the time of day or day of the year it happens, put your focus into making it happen and in the end both of you will be glad that you took the time to spend a few hours together.

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