Things For Couples To Do In Houston, Tx For Easter

We are presenting a sort list of things for couples to do in Houston Tx during Easter weekend that are centered around spending quality time with someone special. According to recent Pew Research Center finding, only one in three adults are satisfied with the amount of time they have available for relaxing, hobbies and other activities. That means a typical relationship is headed to burnout, just got over burnout are currently experiencing it.

The Houston weather isn’t all that hot and humid around Easter time which opens up the possibilities for indoor and outdoor fun underneath the wide open Texas sky. Here’s a list of activities for couples in Houston that want to have a fun, exciting and relaxing day or two of quality time together.
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Inspirational Interlude

If your getaway has to be limited to just a few precious hours together. The best thing would be to go for something simplistic and spiritually rewarding and attend a worship service. It’s a surefire way to get your mind body and spirit on one accord. Just, don’t neglect to make alms or pray for more time together.

If you don’t have a church, synagogue or mosque that you regularly attend here some popular places of Worship In Houston.

Sagemont Church
First Baptist Church
Co-Cathedral of the Sacred Heart

Suite Seduction

Every relationship can benefit from a romantic retreat in a swanky hotel. If you need a getaway that’s in-town and in vogue. Reserve a suite in one of the classy hotels in Downtown Houston. Nothing turns up the heat in a relationship like luxurious surrounding, privacy and anonymity.
Need help finding a hotels in Downtown Houston? Here are a few we recommend.

Hotel Icon
Hotel Zaza
Hotel Magnolia

At most of these places the best things for couples to do is book a room for overnight or if time permits hang out for an entire weekend. A comfortable room with a view of the city’s skyline will make it easy to engage in a little TLC, pampering and indulging yourselves with a spa package for the both of you.

Romantic Ride

Knights in shining armor and genteel cowboys on their steeds.invoke romance, rest and relaxation. If your spouse or significant other enjoys the rugged outdoors try an invigorating day of horseback riding.

It is the ideal activity for couples who prefer to spending their time together while getting closer to nature and animals which is the foundation of a recipe leading to the two of you growing closer together.

These are a few of the places in Houston where you can get trail rides for two. Guide horseback rides or riding lessons.

The Spread
Cypress Trails Equestrian Center
Sam Houston Equestrian Center

Love Boat

Here’s another fantastic thing for couples to do for Easter in Houston that will supercharge their weekend. Warm weather means it perfect timing for a boating adventure to cool off your body and heat up your relationship. There are plenty of lakes, rivers or beaches in and around Houston. Some fun ideas on how to mix it up in the water are.

Rent a canoe or kayak.
Go sightseeing, fishing or just cruising on a comfortable pontoon boat.
Let the wild, crazy and wet good times roll jetting about on a pair of wave-runners.

There are several places locally that have an ample supply of boating equipment for rent or offer guided tours to make sure your outdoor adventure is mobile.

Buffalo Bayou Boat Rentals
Lake Conroe
Armand Bayou Nature Center

Party For Kids

Some mature couples find enjoyment in helping others. Former President Jimmy Carter and his wife spend one week each year sharing their time with others by helping build homes as part of a Habitat for Humanity crew. Not everyone has that level of commitment.

Something small, sweet and simple to do is throw a small party for a few friends or relatives and their kids. It does not, repeat does not have to be anything fancy. Just some finger food, cold drinks and a couple dozen or more boiled eggs for an old fashion egg hunt and if you really want to splurge renting a moon walk will keep children entertained for hours .

A healthy relationship can draw strength from the togetherness, team work and thankfulness required to plan out, put on and put up after a gathering for your friends or family. You don’t have to stay home either. Why not take your fixings and eggs to any of Houston’s family-friendly parks and have a great Easter egg hunt and party there. These are a few of our local parks.

Alexander Duessen Park
Jones Park
Bear Creak
Tom Bass Park

Cultural Escape

Sundays are an ideal time for couples to attend the community theaters, unique museums and trendy galleries in Houston to enrich their personal cultural capital. Many theaters and museums have matinees and special shows on Sunday’s plus, that’s the day the foot traffic is always lighter in the Museum and Theater Districts. A few must-visit places for culture hounds in Houston that are open most weekends are:

Orange Show
Ensemble Theater
Aurora Picture Show
Project Row House

The very affordable ticket prices of these venues will fit most budgets making it possible for museum and meal or film and food to go hand in hand on a cultural escape.

Soothing Hot Springs

Easter is an excellent time for couples to do some serious inward reflecting to maintain a wholesome mind body and spirit. There is no better place to enjoy a relaxing and exhilarating atmosphere than a natural hot spring. This is one journey that will take you far from the hustle and bustle of the city in order to visit one of the nine natural Hot Spring located in Texas. Some of the hot springs that are close to Houston are:

Chinati Hot Springs

The natural waters of hot springs are both mentally stimulating and physically relaxing enough to allow you to experience an introspective journey that will soak your anxieties away.

We have provided an amazing list of simple things for couples to do for Easter In Houston to have a mini getaway, staycation or date. It will keep your relationship from becoming stale and like that of some of our British counterparts who responded to a recent survey and admitted only spending an average of 150 minutes a day together.

Easter is a holiday when traditionally everyone gets together for egg hunts, listening to cute little Easter speeches and cheering on the tots in the infamous Easter parade. We recommend casting tradition to the wind and making a fast getaway to one of these cool place where you and your spouse, boy/girl friend or a significant other can find solace, serenity and enjoy a weekend of rest and relaxation.

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