Valentine Gift Idea

If you're on a tight budget and need a Valentine gift idea that's inexpensive and romantic? Try out these Valentine day ideas for a smashing good time in Houston. You will get a few good ideas for romantic gifts, meals and dates from this list of 5 frugal things that are easy to fit into any budget .

On my travels through cyberspace, I often stumble across all kinds of cool freebies that make unique presents, all the time. I've found everything from free art exhibits and movies to free meals. After reviewing this list, you'll have some ideas to fuel and generate a few romantic sparks of your own. Take a look at the list of cool gift idea for free and nearly free things you can do on Valentines Day.

Free Movie
Date In A Park
At Home Spa and Massage
Cook A Meal Together
Photo Shoot

Here's a few more details on what's happening, when and where to assist anyone looking for Valentine gifts, to have an amorous holiday in Houston on Valentines Day.

Free Film Screenings and movies in Houston

Houston is a place where you can always find free movies. Some are first runs and others are new releases on video. If you're a fan of the big screen, you'll easily find something you like. The best places to find free movies:

  • Inside Red Box (codes for free movies from Red Box)
  • University of Houston Clear lake
  • Film Metro (Tickets for free screenings)

Romantic Date In A Park

The city of Houston has over 38,000 acres of land for public use, which means there's a park near your home, office or where ever you are in Houston. The well manicured fertile greenspaces in the city are ideal places that offer an intimate setting for a couple on Valentines day. Some of the popular parks for picnicking and kicking back are:

  • Buffalo Bayou Landing
  • Elisabeth Baldwin Park
  • Herman Park
  • Jesse Jones Park

Sensual At Home Spa and Massage

You don't have to have a king-size bathtub or hot tub big enough for two to embark on a evening of pampering. It's easy to provide your partner with a loving massage, back rub and/or relaxing soak.

Use the Internet to find some simple hydrotherapy, cold rub techniques. Pair that with some fragrant homemade bath salts, oils and exfoliates and you'll have a quick and easy gift idea that will be simply irresistible to your favorite Valentine.
Try these three things to reward, refresh and rejuvenate anyone that you want to pamper.
  • Pedicure
  • Manicure
  • Hot wax treatment

Cook A Meal Together

If doesn't matter how well you can cook. Use team work to prepare a delightful home cooked meal together. Keep the focus on simple, tasty and intimate so that you don't experience burnout from spending several hours in the kitchen putting together the meal.

One of you can select the menu and the other can pick up the food. Your relationships will benefit from a lovingly prepared meal, according to the “Bertolli Romance Report 1”.

  • The average couple expressed a need for more romance.
  • A majority wanted to talk more in person and sit down to a meal more often with their partner.
  • Two-thirds stated that eating meals at home is more intimate than eating out.

To make your Valentine meal for two special, get out the China, crystal and silver. Avoid talking about work, bills and any problems until after the night is over. Try to keep your conversation light-hearted and pleasant .

Valentine Photo Shoot

You can dress in sexy costumes and do a little role playing to turn up the fun while taking Valentine photos of each other. The memories that you create will be captured on film or digitally. After the photo shoot is over you can make a slide show from all of the pictures. Remember these Do's and Don't during your intimate photo shoot at home.

  • Do select a digital camera that's 6-Megapixel or higher
  • Do take black and white and color photographs
  • Do use props
  • Don't get to wild in your photo
  • Don't post intimate photos online
  • Never allow anyone to take pornographic pictures of you or a loved one

These practical and inexpensive ideas for Valentine gifts and pampering will enable you and your significant other to always be able to look back on a memorable, fun Valentine Day.

These 5 inexpensive ways to spend an evening with a loved one will generate more than enough fuel to turn a few of those Valentine Day sparks into flames.

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