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Texas Beach
If your Houston weekends are aching for a short getaway, plan to escape the urban grind with a quick daytrip to some of the fascinating places in and around Houston, TX. It shouldn't take much more than an hours driving time, south on 288 to reach these cozy laid back destination. To slow your roll and get some old fashion rest, relaxation and rejuvenation, sample a dose of that Southern country atmosphere found in large quantities in warm friendly places like Lake Jackson, Freeport and West Columbia.

Lake Jackson

Your detour from the big city to Lake Jackson will be a fun journey. The city bills itself as "The City of Enchantment". It's a place where you could spend an entire day just riding down the shady tree-canopied streets and browsing through small uncrowded shops.

The pace of the town flows from placid to busy, with no snarls in the traffic. If you want to do the tourist thing and get know more about the area here's a list of some of the places you can visit.

Brazos Bend State Park
US Fish & Wildlife Service
Sea Center Texas
Lake Theater
Lake Jackson Plantation

West Columbia

I know why this sleepy hamlet was the first capital of the Texas Republic. It's is a remarkable place. A daytrip to this town will seem like an adventure in wonderland. You'll be wondering where all the people? And why does everything seem so far apart? Despite the distance between homesteads, the community is a close knit group of about 4,000 people, who gladly welcome visitors to their community and will turn you on to a some incredible fishing, picnicking and water skiing areas.
Even the local Jack in the box is a homey place, where most people are seldom in a big enough hurry to bother using the drive. You'll enjoy these unique sightseeing opportunities in and around West Columbia, Tx

Varner-Hogg Plantation SHP
Columbia Historical Museum
Columbia Lakes Resort
San Bernard National Wildlife Refuge
Brazoria National Wildlife Refuge

Freeport, Texas

Sitting on the Gulf of Mexico a little more than, 50 miles south of Houston on 288 is one of the major seaports on the Gulf of Mexico, Freeport Tx. It's docks are where many of Texas'commercial shrimp trawlers find solace and refuge. The thing that people love about this lively city is the water. It's everywhere you go in Freeport.

It's a favored weekend hang-out for Texas surfers, deep-sea fisherman and campers. There's an ample supply of superb seafood restaurants, clean beaches and hotels and condos for rent if you decide to stick around and watch the spectacular sunrise on the Gulf. Include these family-friendly activities if you're ever in Freeports neck of the woods.

Water sports
Freeport Historical Museum
The Flower Garden Banks(only accessible to underwater divers )
Fishing Boat Charters
Surfside Beach

Your Houston weekend daytrip will be an exciting adventure if you stray off the beaten path and look for some of the new things to do in these magnificent local communities. Try your hand at bargain hunting in the small shops, you'll be surprised at how many one of a kind gifts you'll find.

Some of the best people, businesses and fun are found in the small towns in and around Houston. Bring along your own recreational equipment if your plans include indulging yourself into the wet and wild waters or golf. The places that rent equipment can be a little pricey.

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