3 Fun Weekend Classes In Houston

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Taking weekend classes in Houston can put more fun in your routine. Why would someone want to spend their Saturday, or Sunday in a classroom? You're so right!

But these aren't your daddy's idea of what makes a good class or a classroom. You'll gain a lifetime of benefits from learning more about cooking, exotic dancing (for women)and rock climbing 101 if you apply yourself and experience them.

Classes and boring don't have to go hand in hand. I know it's tough enough to shake the idea that learning can be a leisure activity. But it can be, if you look for places that offer training that's outside of the box, not done in a traditional campus setting.

Green Plum Cooking School

Far from looking like the typical classroom, Chef Monica Pope of t'afia conducts a free cooking class on Saturday mornings in an upstairs room at the restaurant during the Midtown Farmer's Market. The lesson is often ad hoc which allows her to include local fare from the variety of staples found at the market.

Even though you won't have to pay for the knowledge you'll gain. You need to secure a ticket to be admitted to the best little cooking classes in Texas.

Art of Exotic Dancing For Everyday Women

Wives, mothers, and career women are stepping out on weekends to learn how sexy moves and dancing sensually is a gateway to transformation, self-confidence, joy and real personal power.

You can enjoy the dance classes, or gain additional insight and instruction through their book, instructional DVD's & videos. It's a way for all woman of every age group to experience feeling beautiful from the inside out.

Training times are flexible and set around your busy schedule to allow you to manage the various demands of your life.

Rock Climbing 101

class at Teaxs rock Gym

Texas Rock Gym offers training for beginners, advanced climbers and competitions. Their Climbing 101 teaches body positioning, hand and feet positions, and techniques for scaling rocks more efficiently.

This Johnny-come-lately to the sports world can encourage kids, adults and workgroups to build their self discipline, health, teamwork and goal setting skills.

Getting your company, team or family together for a rock climbing class is a fun and powerful technique for getting everyone focused on working together. It can also foster trust, communication, and problem solving.

Weekend classes in Houston, can help you prepare for your career, the rest of the week and a better life. And it doesn't have to include a bunch of stressful test and sore butt.

If you want to know how much excitement a seductive dance could generate, can use some pointers around the kitchen or a quick boost of personal empowerment try these courses and your days, weekends and life will never, never, never be the same.

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