What To Do In Houston This Weekend

Trying to come up with what's a guy to do in Houston, on the weekend, after all of the summer trippin is just about over, makes having a daily routine a refreshing change. There's a solace in knowing what to expect and not having to dodge wet kisses or fresh lipstick at family reunions. And what about those visits to and from relatives, some that you don't miss not missing all year. Time for summer to end.

The best weekends always seem to require that you get up early. And early Saturday mornings is a good time to scurry down to the Midtown Farmer's market held in the parking lot of Tafia's. It's the place where you can get veggies fresh enough to make any mom proud of our shopping taste.

These locally grown treats are not the kind of hot house grown, genetically enhanced and rarely tasty, produce you get a the big chain grocers. All of the greens, tomatoes, squash and other vegetables that are sold at the Midtown Farmer's market, are full of flavor because they are raised on small plots of land in and around Houston or close by.

Shopping at Farmer's markets are not just for vegans and rawfers. It's for smart buyers who know that there is a measure of peace, relief and personal satisfaction when you know something about what, when, where and how the food that graces your table is grown. An added benefit is the sigh of relief you'll have after the next food recall from the local stores.

At the Saturday morning marketplace you get a chance to met and support the growers who provide you with the freshness that you need to stay healthy. If I seem to go on and on about the produce, it's because they are my favorites.

But they aren't the only things that you can get at the Midtown Houston Farmer's Market. There's fresh honey, baked goods and a few handcrafted items that show up from time to time at the market.

Houston growers and their patrons are a community of people whose lives are intertwined around a common passion, food. That's one of the reasons that Tafia's chef, Monica Pope offers her parking lot as a meeting place. She has a passion for fresh morsels of vegetables. Some of them are chosen to be a part of the recipes in her Saturday cooking class.

That's the real beginning of a first class meal. When a chef can cajole a few stringbeans from a vendor and toss them in homemade dressings and serve them quicker that the time it'll take you to find your debit card hiding behind a outdated library card and swipe it.

By avoiding the crowds at the big grocery stores and getting your shopping done early on Saturday mornings, at the Farmer's Market, it'll leave plenty of time to catch a power nap. Then you can sit back and surf Midtown Houston Restaurant and Entertainment Guide, another great local blog to help you find more fun things to do in Houston on the weekend.

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