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Come and be a part of one of the exciting events in Houston happening this weekend at the downtown Houston public library. It's a free Yoga session with Sharon Miller. Other fun and relaxing activities happening in the Bayou City include, watching TUTS (Theater Under The Stars) at Millers Outdoor Theater, or if you prefer the comforts of an indoor venue, SWAMP (Southwest Alternative Media Project) has free movie screenings over at the U Of H College of Architecture.

Free Yoga In Houston

Yoga focuses on combining breathing exercises, meditation and with Yoga movements and poses to achieve a deeper state of relaxation to allow the brain to quiet and the body ceases to exert movement or effort.

In order to relax, you need to trigger your relaxation response. Many practitioners of Yoga claim that results from even a low to moderate level of yoga exercises provide a perfect stress fighting routine, after experiencing a challenging personal crisis or stressful daily event.

Yoga is not just a set of exercises but an entire philosophy of being with the goal of achieving peace of mind and body. A typical Yoga class begins with active poses and ends with a brief restorative pose, savasana, to prepare the student to re-enter the outside world.

Stress Prevention Exercises

The more you do it, the more it can work as a preventative measure rather than a cure. We're faced with stress, all around us. The daily events in Houston encountered by a typical urban dweller, makes us more sensitive to stress than others. The upside is that we can dramatically benefit from using Yoga, an ancient practice that's giving modern man a better way to deal with blues, blahs and stress in the 21st Century.

There aren't many events in Houston where you can actually leave feeling vibrant and recharged instead of physically and financially drained. This free Yoga class is one of them; it may just be the pick me up your mind, body and soul has been screaming for.

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