Networking Events in Houston-June 2009

people at networking event

Attending networking events in Houston is the best way to position yourself for success. When you participate in business networking remember to focus your efforts on giving first. You can increase your effectiveness if you tweak your elevator pitch to express how your business can help people solve issues related to their business, and try to develop new and sustaining relationships with other networkers.

If you're new to professional networking or to a networking group it's natural to feel a little uncomfortable at first, try asking someone from another company to attend the event with you. It'll give you an ally to talk to, but make it a point to not stay together the whole time.

If you would like a few more tips on how to solve not feeling comfortable at local networking events in Houston, take a look at these tips from a popular networking coach.

Networking Groups in Houston

If you're looking for groups that sponsor local networking opportunities, I highly recommend joining inHouston, or try finding a meetup group in the Houston area.

Houston Technology Center

Holds a monthly event that encourages informal discussion and networking among entrepreneurs, technology enthusiasts, and investors to help grow startup companies in the Houston area.

OpenCoffee Club – 3rd Thursday of the Month 8am – 10am
CoffeeGroundz (
2503 Bagby Houston Texas 77006

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