Local Events in Houston This Week

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Did you know Earth Day is actually this week on April 22. I know I know, the official Houston event was cerebrated a couple of weeks ago.

I guess you can say it was repurposed to a more convenient time. Well I don't make the decisions I just call'em like I see'em.

Just remember to recycle, reuse and reduce wasteful consumption whenever you can.

Moneyweek Activities In Houston

The Midtown Live "event du jour" is Moneyweek Houston, which promotes financial literacy through various classes, seminars and numerous public events.

Local schools, libraries government agencies and businesses have all teamed up this week to shine the light on this dark and mysterious subject .
You can find a seminars or other events that will address financial literacy for just about every income level and budget at the webspace for Moneyweek Houston.

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