Houston Weekend Events

Buffalo Bayou

Since the weather is clearing-up let me give you the heads up on two great Houston Weekend events in the great outdoors. The Buffalo Bayou looking back tours and Adopt a Beach are scheduled for this weekend. The tours present an excellent chance to see Houston waterways that we often take for granted.
I'd still give'em a call before heading out to the Sabine street boat dock.

Adopt A Beach Weekend in Houston

There is a need to get the word out about keeping the beaches and bayous in Houston clean. If you carelessly toss your trash on the ground it'll wind up in the bayou somewhere and when it rains, it'll clog up the darn thing and water will backup into the streets instead of being able to flow down stream like it should.

Teams will be going out this weekend to the various bayous and beachfronts to pick-up behind the litterbugs. We need as many volunteers as possible to participate in this Houston weekend event. Support this valiant effort visit the Adopt a Beach website it may not be an ideal thing to do at the end of the week, but it is an important way to abate what's happening to this important natural resource.

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