Things to do In and Around Midtown Houston This Weekend

I highly recommend you partake of a little brain food and lift your spirit through laughter this weekend. It'll save you some of that cash you're dropping on those nifty deep tissue massages.

Here's a game plan.

Mom 2.0 Summit

Get tips on the best practices for social media and social media tools to help you engage audiences and build a sense of community. Learn how to become a smarter internet marketer from those who are on the top of the game.

Tickets to the summit are scarce, but you can find room for a couple of spots to some of the related events happening during the Mom 2.0 weekend affair. Discover more details on things to do during the summit

The Marriage Counselor

Mr Perry will be a very busy man this weekend with his latest movie opening and his highly acclaimed stage play "The Marriage Counselor" making a short stop in H-town.

His play transports you into the of marriage, life and counseling sessions of the Jackson family. This Tyler Perry comedy will give you more than a big ol' grin, while loosely reflecting what goes on in 21st Century marriages.
The play is just north of Midtown Houston, at the Verizon Theater, through February 22.

Waugh Bridge Bat Colony Pontoon Boat Tour

Avoid being a victim of the passenger limits. Don't wait until the last minute,to try and get a peep at the emergence of the Mexican free-tail bats in the Waugh Bridge Bat Colony.

They seem to be fond of Houston's abundance of insects, so they've garnered prime real estate, on the edge of downtown Houston, underneath the Waugh Bridge.

If you sign up now for the popular pontoon boat tour, your reservations will be set to see these visitors from South of the border.

The next tour is happening the second Friday in March.
You can signup by email: or give'em a holler (713)752-0314, ext 4.

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