Fun Events in Houston This Week

If you're looking for some serious fun check out some the events in Houston, that I recommend for professional 35+ whose passion for an enjoyable and enriching life runs deeper than just hanging out in night clubs.

This week if you desire to participate in something that physically challenges you and exploits every ounce of your stamina to the extreme, you might enjoy rock climbing a sport that's gaining a wide fan base in Houston,TX or another closely related outdoor activity that's fondly called spelunking or caving .

To aid you in the pursuit of these adventuresome activities, there is a professional high quality gym in Houston that offers a variety of lessons in these areas.

There are also groups in the city that hook-up to explore, study and conserve some of areas and natural resources that are useful for engaging in these sports.

MLK Jr Parade In Houston

For the rest us ground bound population, this week come out and experience the excitement of the MLK Jr. parade in downtown Houston.

We all look forward to this fantastic event that bring out many of the marching bands from the Houston area to display their sharply-honed skills.

Another treat for parade goers, are the beautifully decorated floats from various community organizations.

Houston Events Coming Soon

The well-researched documentary Buffalo Soldier Mutiny: Houston 1917, details the tragedy through personal testimonies, a wealth of archival materials, historical narrative. The Houston Mutiny and Courts Martial of 1917—18, erupted when a company of recently transferred Buffalo Soldiers rebelled against the racist Jim Crow laws of the city.

The trials were also the subject of Celeste Bedford Walker's award-winning play Camp Logan.

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