Van Pooling From Midtown Houston To Work

Camaraderie, pizza parties, and friendships aren't what you would expect rush hour traffic to promote and surely, not the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about vanpools.

However, these extrinsic benefits are being extolled by long-time vanpool riders in the Houston area.

If you're ready to take the soaring gas price tiger by the tail and would love to read your way through traffic jams as you commute to and from work, then vanpooling from Midtown Houston to your job should be a welcome transportation alternative for if you travel 15 or more miles to work.

Commuter Bucks

There are other benefits of parking the family car and riding with a group of co-workers or neighbors that work close to your job. Topping the list is the lower maintenance cost of operating your personal vehicle.

Some employers offer subsidies if you share a ride to work. The latest Commuter Choice tax incentive makes up to $115 tax-free per month available for workers that travel to work via public transit and qualified "vanpools."

This growing range of incentives from employers can include parking fees, cash and commuter bucks, which are used toward the monthly vanpool service charge for riders of VPSI commuter vans. The Troy-based company manages 4,000 vanpool routes across the U.S. and Europe.

How To Get Hooked-up With A Ride

If you're game for some alternative ways to get to and from work check out these on-line places that can put you in touch with other like-minded Houstonians. A few have been added to the list since my last vanpool post, "Vanpooling In Houston" any of them are good starting points for your journey.

Public transportation can't meet all the demands of our growing city and with the economy reeling back and forth vanpooling from Midtown Houston to work is a smart and easy way to keep more of your hard earned cash in your pocket.


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