Vanpooling In Houston


What can Houstonians do to temper the high gas prices that are eating away at the family budget? One alternative to consider is joining a vanpool.

Fuel prices typically rise this time of year as more Americans increase their gasoline usage with the start of summer and refineries shut down for routine maintenance.

This year’s increase is also being fueled by rising crude oil prices, which account for roughly half the cost of gasoline. They have recently climbed to an all time high of over $100 per barrel.

People are banning together to combat this new menace to our mobile society.

There are several ways you can get involved. Have you thought about sharing a ride to work with your neighbors. To encourage more riders to participate in the vanpooling programs in Houston, financial incentives are being waved around like flags.

METROMatch is a FREE service that uses an extensive database to match commuters from an eight-county region who live and work near each other.
To receive an incentive, you have to ride the van a minimum of 12 times per month. Missed days due to illness, business trips, holidays and vacation time count toward the 12-ride minimum.

Hitching a ride in a Metro sponsored carpool is ideal if bus service to your neighborhood isn’t very convenient. Sharing a ride in Houston can save you time, money and stress.

Some of the more aggressive ways people in Houston are combating the high cost of petrol, is by joining groups of online protesters. On Facebook there is a group with over 300,000 members who think that boycotting Big Oil will make a difference.

Then there is the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee who have sponsored a “Yes I Have Had Enough” Internet petition to members of the U.S. Senate.

They’re asking Houston residents and other Texans to put Texas Senator John Cornyn on notice. He has reportedly taken over $1,100,000 from oil and gas companies. Their website encourages everyone to send a message reminding him that he is suppose to be working for the voters of the Texas and not Big Oil.

Whether you are interested in carpooling,vanpooling or riding the bus, you can check to share a ride, save time and money.

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