The Circus Opens In Houston's Reliant Park

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The circus has come to town just in time for kids of all ages to enjoy some real fun before the summer ends. "Bellobration" the 137th edition of the Ringling Bros and Barnum and Bailey Circus opens Friday, through July 27 2008, in Reliant Park. This year's show has a lot more death defying stunts that push the performers skills to the limit of possibility.

The Circus in Houston

The massive elephants, ferocious tigers and of course the high wire jinx will make your heart want to leave your body. It's a good thing they're bringing everyone's favorite clown, Bello and the rest of their world-class clowns, to tickle your fancy. When the circus comes to Houston it's always time for celebration, and this year's show "Bellobration" is no exception it'll have everyone hanging to the edge of their seats.

Dates For The Ringling Bros. in Houston

When you visit this year's circus you'll get to see not only the animals doing their thing in the show, but more human feats than ever, like the "Wheel of Steel" and the 7 -story sway pole. The dates for the Ringling Bros. show in Houston are:July 18-27th, for the times check Reliant

Where to Get Tickets for the Circus

However, before you head out to Reliant Park, why not save time and get your ticket's online at

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