Fun Things To Do In Houston

Joe and Lee Skate Park

Whether you are planning activities with a group of kids or just trying to have a little personal rest and relaxation in H-town there’s a host of places to get your fun on.

Just in time for this summer’s list of fun things to do in Houston is a new world-class outdoor skate park that’s become a hit with skaters. The HPARD's Lee and Joe Jamail Skate Park

is the latest place for skaters to work on things like their kick flip, ollie, fakie big spin... or beginners can simply practice staying balanced!

This skaters paradise is part of the City of Houston’s Parks and Recreation Departments growing collection of skate parks. It’s located near downtown Houston around the Sabine Street Bridge area.

Parking is available at Fonde Recreation Center which is another place with lots of fun things to do, but we’ll have to cover that some other time.

The new 330,000 square-foot outdoor park is open till 10 pm and capable of handling skaters looking to have fun on their blades, boards are skates. While the skaters are working their mojoe, Tinsley Park has some fun things for adults to do.

Buffalo Bayou

It doesn't matter if you prefer the cool of the evening or a trekking in the morning, the hike and bike trial that follows along the rising banks of Houston's Buffalo Bayou is filled with exciting things to view from the occasional alligator to public art. This urban green space is a spot everyone around town likes to hang out while enjoying downtown literally one step at a time.

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