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Houston Bats

The next time you want to have some nocturnal fun, try bat watching. Not far from Midtown Houston, is a colony of 250,000 Mexican Free-tailed bats, that live under the Waugh Street Bridge.

A pontoon boat tour on Buffalo Bayou provides an amazing view of the bats' emergence into the the night. Your heart will race from the excitement of viewing and learning about these magnificent flying mammals that call Houston home.

Here is where you can find out more information and make your reservations for this breathtaking tour. Waugh Bridge Bat Colony Pontoon Boat Tours.


If you happen to live in Houston or plan to visit here, May 9 2008, you can enjoy free family fun, star gazing Texas style. This spectacular evening under the stars happens at Houston’s downtown waterfront park, the Sabine Promenade.

For the second year in a row, the Houston Museum of Natural Science’s Discovery Dome planetarium and George Observatory volunteers bring out their telescopes, to look into the Houston skies.

The award-winning blue lights, highlight the bridges, trails and water of the park and changes in tandem with the phases of the moon. The park along the banks of Buffalo Bayou features jogging and biking trails, lush landscaping, canoe launch, public art and a new pedestrian bridge.

You’re welcome to B.Y.O. picnic lunch or purchase food and drinks on site. This outdoor affair is blanket and lawn chair friendly. You can even bring along the family canoe or kayak, they’re encouraged for optimal stargazing. Local balloon artist and storytellers will be there and boats rides are often available if you would like to get in some nautical sightseeing.

The place to find out more about this springtime adventure and other activities along Houston favorite waterfront is at website.

The Burke Baker Planetarium

Black Holes

Every visit to Houston Museum of Natural Science (HMNS) is an opportunity to experience the wonders of science and nature firsthand. Their spectacular exhibit halls and state-of-the-art venues offer remarkable insight into the world around us.

HMNS Burke Baker Planetarium will be a place you’ll want to visit often, because there is always something new to discover!

I recommend seeing “Black Holes” to all my friends in Midtown. It’s a fantastic space adventure, that features rich, expansive panoramas and incorporates the latest scientific theories about how black holes are formed and where they are hiding now.

You’ll witness the bending of light, the skewing of perception, and the dizzying descent into a black hole. All of the planetarium’s visually stunning shows feature the coolest three-dimensional effects ever created. Add to that a sound effects track and 5.1 surround sound mix by George Lucas’ Skywalker Sound Studios and you have an incredible sensory experience.

To view listings of all the shows go to

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