Discounts On Things To Do In Houston For Couples and Families

Everybody, especially Houston couples and families can keep more money in their pockets on their next date or family adventure in the city. H-town is full of cool stuff to do, but the truth be told, a lot of prices to some places have grown faster than most peoples entertainment budgets.

Just about every person or family has not been impacted by the current tough economy. If you are like me, you consider it as American as Budweiser to scrimp and save a few dollars on the everyday purchases. It’s the smart and painless way to come up with extra cash to take your wife, girlfriend or the whole darn family to see Houston's best attractions. I’m not that different, lots of other folks are like me they also:

  • shop the clearance racks
  • buy clothes off-season
  • ain’t too proud to use coupons
  • want the most bang for your bucks
Most of all, I’m the one that will get blamed if things do not turn out to be a really enjoyable for everyone. So, anytime I plan outings it always includes eating an unhealthy decadent meal or dessert.

Guaranteed To Save Money

I found a way to always come out on top in sticky situations when funds are low and you want to have some fun. Search for the real discounts. Not the kind stuff that has been marked up so that it looks like I’m saving money.

I analyzed the discounts and their policy on refunding unused CityPASS booklets, cards or vouchers. It's more than just a good deal. It's the kind of real deals people need to know about.
If you break out the full admission prices for each of the 5 places for an adult it’ll cost about $91.00 vs $46.00. That really shows how much money you get to keep in your pocket.

In fact you save enough to pay for:

a childs' ticket with each adult ticket you buy
A platter for two at your favorite seafood restaurant
a tank of gas

I’m happy to share my knowledge and experience with you about local Houston events. Your take on some of the events that you think are cool may be different than mine. In either case, take time to share your opinion by leaving a comment below.

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