Things To Do In Houston With CityPASS Discounts

If you are looking forward to enjoying things to do in Houston with a CityPASS. You may want 
to go about it as if you were eating an elephant.

Don't focus on the size of the job just go at it,  one piece at a time. 

It can be complicated trying to see everything in one day. The daily traffic jams that can pop-up at anytime and anywhere or the immense heat beating down on the city's concrete jungle can slow your pace.

It can leave  tourist, travelers and tough skinned locals feeling like they’re reaching the end of their rope and convincing themselves that they can’t take another day of the heat.

A good time to visit the city is in the fall during November and the months ending in "R" . That's when the shorter days and lighter humidity teams up to make the weather in H-town a lot more enjoyable. 

 It’s not just the fun stuff available to do in the great outdoors.  Everything is better in the cooler weather.

   The fall season is an ideal time to visit museums, amusement parks and other attractions in the city. We have a few insiders tips on visiting some of the must-see-places, shown below, using a Houston CityPASS :

Houston Attractions

Space Center Houston
Houston Museum of Natural Science
The Children's Museum
Health Museum
Houston Zoo
Downtown Aquarium
Kemah Boardwalk
Museum of Fine Arts

Things To Do At Houston Attractions

   Why waste valuable time standing in line to purchase tickets everywhere you go,  when you can buy a Citypass online in advance?   The discount pass is a surefire way for you and your group to see Houston on a budget.

 With savings ranging up to 50% off combined admission prices, it’s affordable for you to take your entire family out for a visit to the top Houston Attractions .  Plus you’ll head to the front of the line with your prepaid admission at most of the places on the list.

 Don’t fret, take your time to enjoy each attraction fully,  your passes are good for up to 9 days.  Here’s a few of the details you should know about the exciting things you can do with your CityPass-Houston.  
  Houston’s Zoo
It takes more than a just getting a deep discount to liven up things for kids. So arm yourself with some age appropriate Q and A’s and little known facts about some of the wild animals. 

This will keep the kids on their toes, it will also make them think that you are really smart. Make sure you ask them almost as many questions as they ask you. 

These are just a few ideas for Zoo clues off the top of my head.

Let them try their hand at counting just the mammals.
Playing zip that (male animal, baby animals, raptors)
Stage a photo shoot in sections of the park
Play name that species
Animal jeopardy

Don't forget its free to join our Fun In Houston club!

Don’t be embarrassed if your kids let their wild side show,  after all it is a zoological park.

 Want to know more things to do in Houston with a CityPASS or buy a pass, see our sidebar. We are planning a special guide to Houston for members of our "Fun In Houston" club. signup in the sidebar.

In the next edition of Midtownlive we will share with you some of the cool things you can do at Houston museums.

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