10 Creative Date Ideas For Couples


If you need a few creative date ideas for Houston couples because your hubby, wife or significant other is beginning to think that “The perfect date is like Communism, it sounds great in theory, but it in practice it doesn’t work out.”

Try these fast and easy ways to transform a typical night together into a romantic rendezvous. If you what you need is a list of a 300 creative date ideas  check out this book by a dating expert that was featured on Oprah it has just the the kind of stuff every girl or guy needs to rock your lovers' world.

What are the things that you used to love doing that you haven't done in a long time ? Things that once were fun stuff the two of you did together. They make good starting points for memorable evenings. Reconnecting with people, places and things from the past can liven up a blase evening. Our newest list describes 10 creative ways to woo your loved one.

                                                             Couple's Bucket List
  Sit down together and create a list of things the both of you would love to do together. They can be big or small!  Plus, this is a great way for you to uncover more ways to spend time together to do the things  from the bucket list!

                                                               Recreate your first Date
  Think back to your first date together. Then dazzle your mate by recreating it!  Some of the things that must be include are those sweet gestures, major flirting, and of course the good night kiss!

                                                               Costume party for Two
 Dress up like your favorite characters from a movie, cartoon or fantasy Be bold and take to the streets in your costume. If that’s too wild for you to consider, just strutting around the house in them for a few hours can still lead to action packed adventures.

                                                               Movie Marathon

Pick out a bunch of your favorite movies, get out the pajamas, scooby snacks and snuggle up on the couch for a complete day of watching great movies with the one you love.

                                                                 Themed date Night.
 A themed party (Dracula, Superman, Spongebob ect.) can get the two of you fired-up for a good-time. Find a movie, food and even outfits in sync with the theme and"Voila" your imaginative event will ignite your passions and make them burn until all that remains are  smoldering embers of love.

let your mate know how much you value them as a ride or die partner on this journey through life 

                                                              Walking Tour
 Walks are not just for exercising. A date can include a long slow arm in arm walking tour. Pick an interesting historical area, an entertainment district or any place the two of you have never visited. This  an enchanting way to spend down time with your other half.

                                                             The Hunting Trip
  This is not your daddy's old school hunt and shoot outing, but one where you will be hunting for a special utilitarian gift for each other, affordable, useful presents. Don't forget about those little inexpensive niceties, things the two of you seldom leave home without, a fragrance, a belt or a purse ect.

 Each time your spouse uses the gift it will remind them of you and the creative date you spent searching for just the perfect gift. What you may really end up finding is the button that turns your mate from laid back into a lust puppy.

                                                             Poetry in the Park.
  A quick and easy amorous way to spend time together is as simple as grabbing your favorite book of prose, a sonnet, haiku or original poetry, along with a blanket some bug spray and a picnic basket full of good eats.

 If the two of you read aloud to each other with fervor, sincerity and emotion, it won’t take long before excitement, love and happiness spills forth from yonder pages into the young hearts burning in the park.

                                                             Singing and Supper
  Singing their favorite song in public can be a romantic turn on for your partner when performed in a quaint setting like a Karaoke bar. Don’t just mouth the words, get into character and/or dress up for the part ( splurge on a costume, Elvis, Madonna ect).

 Be sure and show off some off your most provocative dance steps,  before whisking away for an after the show meal.


                                                               Rooftop Romance
 Instead of people watching why not observe the evening break into night or the stars take their places in the moonlit sky. Houston has several restaurants with rooftop seating that provides a glorious view up and away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

 Open City Rooftop Bistro Bar and Skyline Bar & Grill are a few well known rooftop restaurants.

                                                              Dinner for Two
 The budget crunch doesn't have to putt a damper on your romance. Your dining room can become an intimate restaurant for two. Break away from your everyday dinner routine and escape into a night of fun and flirting.

 Prepare a written menu of your favorite comfort foods. Each one has to be paid for with affection instead of cash, (i.e. a glass of wine cost two bear hugs, a glass of water a peck on the cheek). Serve each dish with lots of zeal and creativity and by the end of the meal you might collect a hefty gratuity for services performed.

These are just 10 of the many  creative date ideas that can spice up your night instead of the same old tired “dinner and a movie” routine! We all need to put a little more forethought into the valuable time we spend together. If you play your cards right your spouse, lover or significant other will become excited every time the word date night is mentioned!

 Keep it simple. Don’t try to plan or prepare something super fancy, it’s the little things that mean the most to us. Never ruin a good evening by talking about the worries of home, health and work. Save that stuff for later and spend as much time as possible on each date spoiling each other and letting your mate know how much you value them as a ride or die partner on this journey through life.

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