Must Visit Places For Houston Couples


 Some Houston couples whether, newlyweds, on dates or celebrating anniversaries find themselves traveling less these days out of necessity. Many of them have demanding work schedules that leave them with a short amount of time to spend together and often a smaller budget to do it with.

Fortunatly, lovers seeking to find solace, regroup or spend some intimate time together don’t have to travel light years away from home to find new and interesting places to hang out. Some of the best places to visit in the state, country and nation are a lot closer than they had imagined.

The climbing gas prices are another culprit that’s keeping lots of couples looking for quality entertainment, adventures and attraction in and around Houston. As a result they don't want to drive very far in their cars.

Within a hour or two drive of the Bayou City you can find all kinds of exciting things to do.

Historical Attractions In Texas

Heritage Village Museum
Woodville Tx
Highway 190 West

When you visit the piney woods of East Texas it's almost like stepping into a time warp. The character of the rural communities and the people in that area reflect a kinder, gentler, friendlier time period. However, their couple-friendly entertainment venues have kept the pace with city life.

Pickett House Woodville Tx

Heritage Village Museum

Historical attractions and demonstrations of pioneer life in Texas and a Main Street that looks right out of the late 1800’s or early 1900’s.

Conroe, Huntsville,and even smaller towns like Woodville have fantastic museums that document the rich heritage of East Texas.
The Heritage Village Museum in Woodville is one of the must visit treasures that Houston couples will really enjoy. Each year the museum plays host to one of the largest Folk Life Festivals in East Texas.

Romantic Getaways

Lake Conroe
40 miles north of Houston

A cool way couples can save time and money on their next romantic getaway is by traveling to one of Houston's northern neighbor, Lake Conroe. This once sleepy hamlet has become the ideal destination where families and couples can relax, get refreshed and rejuvenate from life in the concrete jungle.

 African American couple relaxing on a boat

Lake Conroe

The Lake Conroe area has affordable accommodations at lake front properties, RV parks and resorts. If you need more upscale digs, there are a several hotels there too!

The communities in the area include the Woodlands, Spring and Conroe all which have ample water front properties, RV parks and resorts where Houston couples can enjoy golfing, boating, hiking, biking and more. There is also more than enough places to satisfy cravings to shop and dine.

A Scenic Weekend Daytrip

Huntsville State Park
Interstate 45 on Park Road 40
6 miles southwest of Huntsville

A scenic daytrip that many couples enjoy experiencing on weekends takes them pass the giant 67-foot statue of Sam Houston. The huge figure seems to beckon travelers on Interstate-45 to visit Huntsville Texas. The East Texas town is home to a top notch university, Sam Houston State and several museums including a one chronicling the infamous past of the Texas prison.


Sam Houston State Park

The official entrance to Huntsville State Park is located on Interstate 45 about 6 miles southwest of Huntsville on Park road 40.

When you drive through this part of East Texas the rolling hills, swatches of prairie and large patches of deciduous forest provide a panoramic view for travelers. Be on the lookout for deer, rabbits and other wildlife that live in the area. They frequently come right up to the roadside as if they are watching the cars pass by.

The large ribbon of highway occasionally passes by a cattle ranch or a farm enhancing the beautiful setting of this rural segment of the I- 45 road trip.

Houston Couples

A lot of Houston couples are new to the area, since more than 100,000 people move to the city each year. As a result many of them aren’t aware that some of the best places to visit on weekends and during downtime are a just a hour or two drive outside of the city limits.

Any couple, on a date or celebrating a special occassion can save valuable time and money by checking out these must visit places. You never have to go very far in any direction around Houston to find a ton of fun things to do.

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