Hotspots For Houston Couples To Hang Out In Midtown Houston

There seems to be more Houston couples hanging out in Midtown Houston these days. If you haven't taken your spouse there lately, we have a few hot tips on some cool things to do this week. Whether the two of you are game for some action-packed or laid back fun we have something for everyone.

The official Midtown borders starts at the Greyhound station (Pierce elevated) and extends to Sears (US 59). But since the wave of former suburbanites, seeking better access to theaters, museums, and restaurants, have moved into the area they consider everything between downtown and the Texas Medical Center (TMC) part of the neighborhood.

Here’s some of the things many couples in Houston looking for excitement, enrichment and entertainment do when they are chilling-out in Midtown.

Spending The Day In Midtown

To explore all that Midtown has to offer would take you several weeks, but you can do plenty of basic sightseeing and other stuff in one day. We favor taking a leisurely journey around the neighborhood to discover enjoyable architectural treasures, unique museums and other diversions.

Trinity Episcopal Church (Main at Holman)
It was originally founded as a mission in 1893 and for more than a century it has been a place of worship and an anchor of the community. The staff Wwll gladly allow you to tour the building during regular business hours.

Midtown Houston home with notable architecture

Greek Revival architecture, (3493 Fannin Street)
Located directly behind Trinity Church is a classic example of the type of large homes that once dominated this neighborhood at the turn of the 20th century. It has some fantastic looking columns and a huge portico and windows.

Elizabeth Baldwin Park (Elgin Street between Crawford and Chenevert Streets)
The central resting spot for locals is this quaint little greenspace. You and your mate should take a few minutes to cruise the surrounding streets, to take a look at the 21st Century homesteads. You will marvel at the freshly renovated houses and newly built townhouses and urban lofts that have sprang up since revitalization of the neighborhood began in the mid-1990’s.

Afternoon Adventures In Midtown Houston

Moving Southward down Main street you will come across the Center for Contemporary Crafts where local artisans can learn about the process, product and history of craft. Their art pieces are primarily objects of art made from fiber, glass, metal, wood and found/recycled materials.

By 2:00 pm you’ll welcome a chance to settle down a bit and take a break at the Museum of Natural Science’s IMAX theater. They use the larger than life movies and superb sound system to introduce audiences to some out of this world experiences.

Experience The Houston Nightlife

After the movie it will be time to head back to the northern section of Midtown Houston to partake of some vino and some nighttime activities. You’ll be amongst good company with other Houston couples who are present at the wine tasting going on at the Spec’s Liquors superstore (2410 Smith street) or one of the local wine bars 13 Celsuis (3000 Caroline Stree) Khon’s Wine Darts Coffee Art (2808 Milam).

Afterwards you can boogie down or listen to the groovy music by traveling a few short blocks South to The Continental Club or North to 2016 Main Stage. These are two of the hottest nightspots in town with some of the best music around.

Come and join the savvy Houston couples who spend their downtime in and around Midtown Houston, because it is a haven for popular arts organizations, romantic restaurants and bars filled with a waft of goofy charm.

Within the 300-plus city blocks that make up the area you can go from rubbing elbows with some needy Houstonians to hobnobbing at world-class museums. The neighborhood has an eclectic mix of residents, shops and businesses just waiting for you and your family to come and share your time, talent and treasure with them.

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