10 Things You Can Do In Houston With A Group / Teens

When duty calls and you are the host of choice here is a quick list of fun things to do in Houston with a group or a small army of friends or teens. These suggestions will keep them busy without wearing you out.

To get adults or especially a group of teens excited about anything you have planned for them, you have to allow some flexibility in the schedule and give them an opportunity for input.
Even the best of plans can get side tracked when rain and its accompanying sojourners, flash flooding and lightning play havoc on the city. That’s why our list contains 5 very cool things to do indoors and includes some outdoor activities that are fun too!

5 Things To Do With Teens in Houston - Indoors Activities

Almeda Skate Rink
Hangout at Kemah Boardwalk
Cockrell Butterfly Garden
Tour City Hall

5 Things You Can Do Outdoors In Houston With A Group

Houston, Texas has thousands of acres of land set aside for recreational use. The only thing that is missing is you setting aside some of your personal time so you/your group can enjoy some of them. It will be big hit with the fam, if you are a knowledgeable host, which is as simple as downloading or bookmarking information on websites about the places you plan to visit on your i-phone prior to any outing.

Having this information handy will make it easier to readily answer questions about significant facts, closing times, and other details.

It will increase your wow factor as a host or hostess when visitors, travelers and especially youth hear you tossing out relevant facts about places they may want to visit. It’s an essential life skill that you can pass on to young people, who may plan to do some traveling to other cities, states and countries on their own someday.

Self-Guided Tour Of Downtown District
Visit Discovery Green
Explore Hermann Park Art and Animal life
Jesse Jones Park exhibits
Lake Houston fishing trip

These suggestions are helpful if you want to include some free things to do in Houston with a group of people any age. You should be able to find something from this list to rescue your plans for a good time when elements beyond your control threaten to waylay your outing. Don't be afraid to tackle the same Houston attraction everyday for a week. You will be able to find something different to do at the same place each day.

Art is for more interesting when viewed as more than just pretty pictures and parks are a lot more than just stands of trees and clumps of grass. They are communities inhabited by different species of wildlife and often contain multiple ecosystems.
Don’t let your family/group rush through a venue as if it were on fire. Look for things to point out that show design, style, balance and other things they might miss seeing without your expertise to enhance and guide them on this journey.

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